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Mitochondria Is The Powerhouse Of The Cell Creating EnergyIn that daily search for more energy, new scientific research is pointing to a whole new direction … the powerhouse of the cell, mitochondria … and it’s inside your own body.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells working around the clock. Whether it’s your heart, lungs, brain or muscles. Within each of these cells exists what is responsible for most of your energy … it is called mitochondria.

mitochondria create more than 90% of our cellular energy needed …

Mitochondria are your cells tiny powerhouses, in charge of taking in the air you breath and the food you eat and converting them into ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) or energy. ATP energy powers most of your cells metabolic activity. In fact mitochondria create more than 90% of our cellular energy needed by your body. Read the rest of this entry

Verve Healthy Energy Lots Of CansAll time Verve Energy sales is at $235,631,155.00 and counting. Verve is a healthy energy drink for people with an active lifestyle. Healthy energy is the ticket for the the health conscious individual who has an active lifestyle.

Verve® Energy Drink for Today’s Lifestyle

Most of us are running on fumes instead of good nutrition because of today’s fast-paced, busy lifestyle. Energy drinks are an increasingly popular trend to help reverse the energy-void. Instead of filling up on energy drinks that may contain excessive caffeine and high sugar content that leaves you feeling jittery, fuel your body with what it needs most. Read the rest of this entry

Exercise and Supplementation Vemma and BodeYes, I am making a pitch here … are you tired of being tired … well then you have to do something about it. A great start is to to look at what you put into your body.

What many do is start with some supplementation as you body cannot perform any task without the proper vitamins and minerals. The body is a complex organ and if you fortify it correctly you will get improved amazing improvements both mentally and physically. You cannot get everything you need with the food we eat today … some may disagree but there are always gaps. Read the rest of this entry

Vemma Vitamins Order HereThere is no secret here. I use Vemma Vitamins daily … order every month … year after year since 2005. I had a few months where I could not order, because of the FTC, but I remained patient and Vemma came back even better. The price went down for exactly the same product. This is an easy to swallow liquid vitamin that far exceeds daily requirements.

There is a good reason why Vemma has a loyal following for their signature product … Vemma. Real simple … the product works and is hands down the best liquid vitamin available on the market. This is obviously my opinion but myself, along with thousands of others, cannot be mistaken.

This is an easy to swallow liquid vitamin that far exceeds daily requirements.

Read the rest of this entry

Biotin Bode StrongBenefits of Biotin

Otherwise known as Vitamin B7, biotin is a water-soluble substance that makes up a key group of nutrients that the body needs to maintain a healthy metabolic rate, nerve function, proper digestion, and even cardiovascular health. You can find biotin in several different foods, including eggs, cheese, salmon, cauliflower, and even whole grain bread. However, the benefits of biotin are such that you may want to take a supplement to get the full effect. Read the rest of this entry

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