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The FireFan Sports App, Live & Interactive Sport Game Hits the Smartphone Market

Live Interactive Sports App - FireFanIf you love all sports you will love playing this live interactive sports app, by getting directly in the action.

Why is the FireFan Sports App different from the other sport games you can download today?

  • Excitement for the entire family
  • Game is not gambling or Fantasy Sports
  • You play live as your favorite teams are on the court or field
  • Starting with U.S. Football and Soccer, all sports including, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, International Soccer, Table Tennis, Racing, Golf, Tennis, and more will be available as time goes on
  • Players can reach different Achievement Levels based on a point system that will allow them to earn rewards such as, shirts, hats, team swag, gift certificates, electronics, travel, and game tickets
  • Play by yourself, with a group of friends, or join a league and compete against thousands of sports fans … live
  • Social Interaction – Invite your friends to play along and be able to chat within the app in real time with one another
  • Earn lifetime achievement awards by calling the plays in real time and earn points in every game
  • Download the App for free

Get in the game … This is the better way to play

Live Interactive Sports App - FireFanTokens are required to play the game. Tokens are required when answering certain questions for points that can be redeemed. You will have the option to purchase tokens, a package of tokens, or watch a 20 to 30 second ad from one of the advertisers to earn free tokens. This is the better way to play.

Your Fire Fan Player Profile

When you first download the free app you will be asked a series of similar questions.

  • Do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player?
  • What are your favorite sports?
  • Who are your favorite teams?

You’ll have the chance to pick which games or teams you want to follow and play along with in the upcoming evnts.  Since it is the height of football season, let’s say you like the Packers. Make your Pre-Game selections by answering a series of questions.

  • Who will win the coin toss?
  • Who will have the most points in the first quarter?
  • Which team will have the most turn overs, fumbles, rushing yards?

All these questions have a point value associated with them which can be redeemed for the items mentioned above.


So Sunday rolls around … all of the sudden your smartphone notifies you witha live interactive game question. “Will the Packers pass or run this down?”

You’ve got 15 seconds to answer for set amount of points. Each series of downs will offer some additional questions. As the game continues, you can visually keep track of your points based on questions answered correctly. If you are playing within a group or league, there is a leader board showing who’s ahead.

A little while later another question pops up, only this time it may cost a token to answer. If you have never bought any tokens or watched an ad to acquire some free tokens, you may have the option to do so on the spot. If you chose not to, you’ll have to sit this one out  and forfeit any points that would have been awarded had you answered correctly.

The Game is Super Fun and Engaging

Live Interactive Sports App - FireFanIf you are interested in playing the game goto ==> Registering with me and I can show you how to get free tokens.

One of the most exciting things the FireFan sports app is bringing to life is the social element.

Not only can you chat within the app with your friends and other players, you will be able to socialize with your favorite athletes and celebrities. FireFan’s goal is to create a social Facebook for Sports if you will. FireFan looking to create a place where everything sports related can be discussed without all the “noise” you see on Facebook.

Searchable “Leagues” within the app will allow you to connect with thousands of players from all across the globe. Celebrities, retired and active pro-athletes, sports bars, non-profit organizations and many more will be available and allow you to join in on the fun. How cool will it be to join a league and be able to chat via text with one of your all time favorite sports heroes?

FireFan Players

Up until now there has never been a live and interactive sports app so engaging. This is the better way to play, with this live interactive sports app. Get started and play with our group … our fans are on fire. Join in the fun and I look forward to seeing you on my team.

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