FireFan - Live Interactive Sports AppWhat the the infatuation with the FireFan Sports App?

First, I should explain what FireFan is. FireFan Sports App is available, for free, on Apple iTunes and Google Play. Firefan allows you to play along live with your favorite sports teams. This is the first of its kind and it has connected to it, its own Social Media platform where players can communicate, comment and jab … connect with other players and celebrities.

The FireFan sports app is only played during live sporting events. It is not like other apps where you can play around the clock. The Social Media platform is available around the clock but play is only during live sporting events. The events can be on television, or in an arena or stadium. A play can group up with a bunch of friends, sit in front of a television and enjoy in the live interaction with the live sporting event as it occurs.

get_in_the_gameHow do I play the FireFan Sports App?

The way to play is to obtain tokens. These can be obtained either for free or you can purchase them. First, the free tokens. After you load the app free tokens will be available to you by watching ads and you can get exponential number of tokens if you happen to click on the ad or even purchase an item from the ad. This is simply how the FireFan Sports App is funded … this is the same concept as watching commercials on your television … except with FireFan you obtain tokens.

The FireFan sports app is designed for the super sports fan as well as the casual sports fan.

When you initially download the app you will may get free tokens to start you off, depending on how you downloaded the app. To get free tokens Download Here.

Of course players will be able to purchase additional tokens at anytime when the heat of the battle kicks in. The FireFan Sports App is going viral and diehard sports fans will purchase tokens to enjoy the excitement of the live sporting events.

Why FireFan Sports App?

FireFan is a unique sport app that will be used by millions around the word. If you have a smartphone, internet access and a passion for live sports you surely will enjoy this app. The FireFan sports app is designed for the super sports fan as well as the casual sports fan. It encompasses all ages of fans, both men and women including teenagers. Firefan offers the ability to play live, in real-time with many high profile athletes and celebrities as well.