Traffic & Lead Generation

With the simple click of one button you can create your very own “Stages” around high trafficked viral videos to grab the attention you need for success.

Social Media Engagement

Staged unlocks a arsenal of powerful Social Engagement Marketing (SEM) tools and techniques designed to help you easily and rapidly grow your social media footprint with precision.


StageBot is your very own personal marketing assistant that automatically sources your video content and feeds it out to your social media networks throughout the day – gaining you non-stop exposure 24/7.

Viral Content + Social Media = Free (Organic) Traffic

What Are Stages?

Stages are very attractive one page websites that feature proven, high-traffic YouTube videos and multiple advanced branding, advertising and lead capture devices fully customized to you.

How It Works

For each video you leverage a new Stage is created that is uniquely branded to your company or product offer. Staged then sends out a link with your personal message to a highly-targeted audience on Twitter, Facebook and other top social media – automatically!

No SPAM! No Disappointment!

Every time your Stages are auto-posted you know your branding, ads, banners and lead capture devices are being delivered to your targeted audience in a subtle, cool and fun way – over and over, every day.

Make Your Social Reach Soar to New Heights

Social Media conversion rates are 13% higher than any other media because, as we all know, people buy from who they know, like and trust.

With the simple ‘push button’ Social Media tools and strategies from Staged, you can effectively drive an endless supply of people to your websites from the web’s top social media sites.

Generating traffic has never been this simple, fun and reliable.

Here are just a few valuable “extras” you’ll get with Staged:

Twitter Builder

Twitter Builder allows you to zero in on your specific niche market or audience by targeting keywords used in Twitter profiles. Use the Twitter Builder every day to build your brand, get traffic and generate a following for your business.

Google Plus Secrets

We teach you one of the FASTEST ways to generate traffic online without the need for friends/followers. Start driving traffic right from day one of signing up with Staged.

Ninja Hashtag Integration

With Staged, you will automatically leverage the most powerful hashtags to passively drive more free traffic to your sites. Traffic from hashtags can come even if you have ZERO followers in your social media accounts.

Welcome to the StageBot Apocalypse!

Don’t worry! Our robots won’t enslave their human masters. They were 100% built to serve while you attend to more important business.

Just choose a template, pick appropriate YouTube channels, and the StageBot automation process will select videos and auto-post them…roughly 30 a day…1,000 per month – all including your ads, banners, lead capture devices and branding.

The StageBot is like having your very own marketing employee working for you around the clock, tirelessly making and posting your fully-branded Stages for you whether you are working, asleep or at the beach. He never sleeps, he never complains, and he never stops driving traffic to your sites.

You can sign up directly with me and I can show you how to maximize the Staged Platform ===>>> Start Today With Staged