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Tap Into Your Inner Entrepreneur

Tap Into Your Inner Entrepreneur Bode ProIf you want to tap into your inner entrepreneur this compliant compensation plan that just may interest you. This is a unilevel commission plan. To start with, the terms of promoters and distributors are not used and to be able to earn income you have to become an Influencer. You cannot sign up to be an Influencer … you have to earn yourself into the position.

You say what, earn yourself into becoming an Influencer … the answer is yes. I predict this is going to be the new wave of what will be happening in the direct selling industry. You have heard of the FTC, Federal Trade Commission. Well they yield a great deal of power and recent court decisions are affecting the way direct selling companies are able to do business. I am not going to get into details on this but trust me, if your company has not yet been under the FTC microscope it soon will be.

Just to give you a quick hint … direct selling companies who lead with builder packs and the promises to make you a great deal of money will be front line to be investigated. If you are interested in ==>> Click Here

Want To Get Into The Direct Selling Industry?

Now, just before I get into the details of the compliant compensation plan let me present you with something to think about if you are deciding to get into the direct selling industry. This is a massive industry and my bet is if you are reading this, you have either been seeking to get involved or you have been approached by someone to get you involved in their company.

Let me pose something to you …

Senario 1 – Someone approaches you on an opportunity of a startup or even a seasoned company. The company could be around for 10 years or even just a startup in pre-launch. Seems to be credible, has awesome products and a great leaders.

Senario 2 – Exactly the same situation as above but with one addition experience. The company has been through the FTC microscope, scrutinized by the FTC, torn apart by the FTC but has come out alive and kicking. This company knows, by law, what it can and cannot do … based on actual experience.

What company would you weigh in on joining? I know what my answer is … obviously Senario 2. Think about this for a bit … You could join the company in Senario 1 but in time the FTC will be knocking on the doorstep … may get shut down … may have to change their compensation plan … jeopardizing all your hard work and possible elimination of your residual income. This does happen and it happened to some personal friends of mine. This is plain ugly.

The company that has experienced leaders who are aware of the do’s and do not’s of compensation plans and building a direct selling business. This is the most compliant and dynamic unilevel plan in the network marketing industry.

Compliant Compensation Plan

You just cannot sign up to be an Influencer.. You first have to start off being a Customer. This may not make sense but it is totally logical. You cannot promote, sell or present your opportunity to others unless you believe in what you are selling. You have to believe in the product in order to present it to others. When you approach someone they will see right through you if they know you do not get results from the product or even use it.

There is a guarantee that if you do not like the product you can get a refund up to a full year.

To become a Influencer you must first become a Customer … then introduce another Customer. At that point then you can decide if you want to invest in the $29.95 starter pack and a $9.95 ongoing monthly charge. The monthly fee includes social media training and internet marketing tools. The monthly fee allows you access to the back office. Really this is a steal and a no brainer. Just a note the $29.95 is an annual fee. You can view the Compensation Plan Here.

Retail Sales Commission Plan

There are two commission plans. The first plan is based entirely on retail sales. You can simply retail the product and enjoy up to a 25% profit. This retail profit is 15% if you have one active customer, 20% if you have two or more active Customers and 25% if you have four or more active Customers. Once you have four or more active Customers you are named a Platinum Influencer and with a Customer Community below you.

Influencer Platinum Bonus Plan

The second part of the compensation plan really taps into the people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. The part of the plan is only available to Platinum Influencers. When you combine the power of these amazing products with the power of influence you can tap into this part of the compensation plan. As you develop these Influencers that develop these customer communities you are going to be able to earn 5% commission on their sales points seven generations in depth.

For all you compensation techies out there this plan features triple dynamic compression. This is part of the retail bonus, the platinum bonus and the check matching bonus. I am not going to go into detail on this but this is huge.

Leadership Bonus Awards

If you develop a team of Influencers that create huge customer communities that create massive volume of people who love the products.

Compensation Plan Summary*

What is the most amazing part of the unilevel compensation plan is all of these orders and volume flows through your business … you benefit from it and you do not even have to touch it. The Customers order online and re-order from a shopping app. The Influencer has the opportunity to earn commission on those orders because of your efforts to create that first sale.

There is no office, no employees and no traditional business headaches. This is all about you just talking up your products.

If you like what you have just read or watched in the video just place an order and become a customer. Please refer to the link below. If you have questions please contact me and I would be more than happy to discuss options for you. We keep this simple … no need to complicate and these products just may knock your socks off and bring out your Happy.

If I can give you a word of advise … please do not get sold on huge promises of making huge amounts of income. This is a tactic used by companies and will only send up red flags to the FTC … trust me they will find out what companies use this as a promotional technique. ~bv

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*We do not make any income claims, no guarantee of income and the income opportunity is solely based on individual efforts.

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