Viral Sports App, FireFan ... You Can Sign Up Right HereViral Sports App, Google Experiment

I am posting the article “Viral Sports App, FireFan” for two reasons:

  1. I am going to see if I can make it to page one, with the Google search engine, with the term, “Viral Sports App
  2. I am also promoting FireFan with an attempt to get more players on my team. Sign Up Here.

I have posted this on 11/20/16 and it is difficult to tell how soon my blog gets indexed by Google. I know the spiders come around every now and again so if you see this post in the top ten anywhere on the search engines please facebook like the post or click one of the social media share buttons.

Just to add some SEO content I am going to add in here a bit about FireFan:

FireFan is the better way to play a live interactive sports app. Ignite your passion for sports with the ultimate name in live gaming – Viral Sports App, FireFan. The world’s first Sports live action game day event app that fans can play in real-time, while watching their favorite players and favorite team compete.

The ultimate viral sports app, the game of all game apps will be the best free pick you’ve ever picked and it’s going viral in the smartphone and mobile industry.

FanFire is a masterpiece of live interactive sports app. An extreme, incomparable sports app to call plays, make predictions, all while competing with your friends & foe. You select the team(s) you want to play with and this is only for live events.”

I hope my little experiment works out and please if you have read this far give me a shout out on social media via one of the channels at the top bottom or side of this post. Comments below are also appreciated.

Viral Sports App, FireFan ... Register Now Right Here