The Visalus, Body By Vi Challenge is safe and recommended for people who have gained weight because of thyroid issues and who are using Synthroid to control their thyroid.

Our Visalus shakes can be used with synthroid. We have many people on our Visalus shakes that have over active, inactive, and surgically removed thyroid.

Weight gain associated with thyroid issues and synthroid can be overcome with Visalus shakes.

There is a lot of misinformation and confusion about soy in the marketplace today. In countries where consumption of soy is high (like Japan) the populations are healthier and have fewer health issues than in America today. So we know that there is misinformation, and facts being taken out of context.

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Of the concerns over soy, there are a few common ones. First, is referring to raw soybeans, that can contain a form of phytic acid that can block certain minerals absorption. However, that is based on massive consumption quantities, and of the raw soybean and only occurs in those animals that lack the digestive enzyme phytase. It is only an issue for people who consume those foods to get minerals in their diet, and in massive quantities.

Digestive Enzyme

The issue is in developing countries, and may have a genetic basis as well because they are lacking the digestive enzyme (which can be supplemented and therefore alleviate the concern). It is not an issue for our products because of how we process the ingredients.

Isoflavones Genistein and Dadzein

The second common concern with soy are due to some of the components of soy, particularly the isoflavones genistein and dadzein which can affect and inhibit thyroid peroxidase which is necessary for the production of T3 and T4. Thus there is some evidence that it could lead to thryoid enlargement (Goiter) . Our soy has been processed to remove the isoflavones, so this is not an issue.

Don’t let your thyroid or synthroid¬† issues control you … Visalus may be an option. Try the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge.

Estrogen Level

A third common concern about soy is the effect it may have on estrogen levels in the body. This is again due to the isoflavones, which we have had removed. So this is a non-issue. Another important note is that many menopausal women do supplement with isoflavones, as it has been shown to help them experience fewer side effects of menopause.


Lastly, our Soy is not genetically modified (it is non-GMO). Many people worry about genetically modified soy, and if any of the ingredients got altered in the breeding process. We use the most natural form we can get, that has not been genetically modified.

We use soy because it is a complete protein, easily digested, can build lean muscle equal to (if not slightly better) than soy, and adequate consumption of soy in the diet can help the body reduce cholesterol and the c-reactive protein an indicator of inflammation and heart disease.

The Visalus product can help you with controlling your weight and is safe for use with people who have thyroid issues. The Body By Vi Challenge can work hand in hand with your synthroid use to help you maintain your desired weight. The bottom line is your health …
Brian Verigin, Visalus. I would like to thank Kathi Bufalini for putting researching the content of this post.

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