FireFan - Live Interactive Sports AppFireFan is the better way to play a live interactive sports app. Ignite your passion for sports with the ultimate name in live gaming – FireFan. The world’s first Sports live action game day event app that fans can play in real-time, while watching their favorite players and favorite team compete.

The ultimate sports app, the game of all game apps will be the best free pick you’ve ever picked and it’s going viral in the smartphone and mobile industry.

FanFire is a masterpiece of live interactive sports app. An extreme, incomparable sports app to call plays, make predictions, all while competing with your friends & foe. You select the team(s) you want to play with and this is only for live events.

“This is not fantasy football. It’s more than just keeping up with football stats, football rankings and football odds. It’s the better way to play.” ~bv

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What Is FireFan?

  • Be The Fan On Fire - RegisterFree App with In-app advertising and in-app purchases
  • FREEMIUM game model
  • FireFan Sports App Rewards players for achievements
  • Rankings at the city, state, national levels
  • A mature framework of league managers, sport promoters and players
  • Built in interactive sports and mobile rewards veterans
  • Feels like a game not a spreadsheet
  • Eliminates fantasy sports negatives, like gambling and difficulty levels
  • Strong Social elements like live chats with friends during live events
  • The better way to play along live with your team

So What Makes FireFan Different?

  • Game versus gambling
  • Loyalty to “my team” versus “The League”
  • Game experience versus “stat” experience
  • All experience levels play together
  • Game-by-game experience (no algorithms)
  • Play the game, not just the players
  • Social experience

Why join team BVSportsApp? –  “The Better Way To Play”


FireFan – “The Better Way to Play”

  • Play multiple games across a sport
  • Play with a “global” base of players/users
  • Play the same “stats” every game
  • Very “stat” heavy
  • Competitive positioning – “prove it”
  • Big jack pots – Keep getting bigger
  • Only the top 11% of players EVER win
  • Put cash in, small chance to win BIG
  • People use algorithms to win
  • Top 1% take over 90% of winnings
  • Legal issues – too close to gambling
  • Play a single game, with the team you love
  • Play by yourself or with your friends
  • Choose the “stats” you want to play
  • Game heavy, with stats involved
  • Social positioning – “Do you want to play?”
  • Earn points and achievement awards
  • EVERYONE wins
  • Pay small amounts, or play for FREE
  • Each game is unique, algorithms don’t win
  • Everyone wins
  • There are no legal issues with this model


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Live Action Sports App – FIREFAN “The better way to play”. Download the app and become a player. Interact in live sporting events with your favorite athletes and celebrities. Play for free, or play with tokens. Choose a game to play, or play in leagues. “The better way to play”.

FireFan - Ignite Your Passion