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A Distinct Difference Between a Home Business and a Job

There is such a misconception out there between, what is a job and working your own business opportunity. A job is something you do for someone else and get paid for it. You are an employee for someone else. A business opportunity is something you do for yourself and earn your own income. You do not pay money to get a job but it will cost you money to start you own home business. There is a distinct difference.

Let me illustrate a bit with my story.

Back in 2006 was the last day I worked for someone else in a job. It was a great job at the start, giving me self satisfaction. The mystique wore out, after 18 years. I realized my efforts were not appreciated. Deep inside I knew I was able to accomplish more. I was merely working a job I had to go to and show up every single day. The situation was limiting my potential and creativity. The fun stopped.

My time was fairly flexible at the start but as the years went on this changed to a regiment of 8 to 5. Just about got to the point of punch in and punch out. This was totally draining me, stress was setting in and I was not able to spend the time I needed for what was most important, my life. A huge part of my life is my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I am not afraid to work hard but one does need to have a motivator. Mine was self satisfaction.

I can go on and on but the point is my freedom and zest for life was totally lost. For those who know me and know where I was employed I do not have anything against my former employer. They treated me very well for a working a job. That was just it, it was a only a job. I realized this and made a bold move for change, away from security into an unknown risk. I just knew deep inside that change was going to do me good. The situation changed so I needed to adjust.

I currently work on the Internet, from home, with a number of online businesses.

I dug in my heels and developed my skills further on something I like to do. The Internet intrigues me. I enjoy working on the computer and being able to utilize what the Internet has to offer. It just amazes me what opportunity is available on the Internet and how people are making money. It is a simple as providing something to somebody who wants it. The Internet just makes the whole world smaller. I have people all over the world interested in what I have to offer. It is a fantastic feeling.

PartnerWithBV Click HereYou can kind of see where I am going here. I am having a blast doing what I am doing, I enjoy learning and keep learning every single day. I really mean every single day. This is my passion and to be able to share this with others even gives me more self satisfaction. This is not a job … I really do not know what a Monday is anymore and it really does not matter. It is a great feeling to have the time freedom to do what I want when I want.

Running your own home business on the Internet is not for everyone. There is a risk involved and the last thing I recommend is to go out and quit your job. You have to have the desire, drive and passion to want to learn. Work on yourself and people will come to you and ask, “How are you making money doing what you are doing?” It is the law of attraction and I do believe in this. Better yourself and the world will seek you out.

There is no secret to success. It is as simple as providing something of value to someone who wants it. The upside of owning your own home business is much greater. If you do it right you can generate a boatload of money. Remember, money is only a motivator for the short term. You have to want to better the your quality of life. You have to make the decision on what you want to do and whatever path you choose do it with passion. If you have the desire to change no one can do it, but you.

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