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A Vemma Review: Is Vemma a Genuine Network Opportunity?

Vemma Click HereA Vemma Review: Is It a Genuine Opportunity?

Like most MLM opportunities, Vemma appears to be sound at first glance and a viable network marketing program. However, how does it pan out under closer scrutiny, is the product genuine and is it a good opportunity for making money? Like most health-related products, all the claims made for it might not be accurate, but what is the general feeling for the product and are you going to be able to sell it?

We shall discuss the product, the company and the compensation plan in an attempt to offer a fair and impartial review of Vemma and its profitability as a network marketing program.

Vemma: The Product

The product is of critical importance to any network marketing program, because if you are going to have difficulty selling it, you will be relying on other sources for your income which is not good for an MLM opportunity. Thankfully then, the product is highly regarded.

Vemma is an acronym for ‘vitamins, essential minerals, mangosteen and aloe‘. It is fundamentally a mangosteen supplement, this being the latest ‘In’ Asian superfood that people are falling over themselves to buy – so now is the time to be involved in selling it. By combining mangosteen with minerals and vitamins, Vemma is a highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement with a powerful nutritional bite.

There are no doubts as to the claims made for the nutritional properties of the product, and there is a children’s version in Vemma NEXT, designed specifically for youngsters. A nice touch is that for each bottle of NEXT purchased, another bottle will be donated to needy kids in the country where it was purchased. The adult version is Vemma Verve, and the products come in the form of a nutritious drink.

The product is a very popular one, and should be easy to sell in any of the 50+ countries in which it is currently used. As far as network marketing is concerned, the product is viable and sellable, and does what is says on the bottle. So what about the actual company? Is that as sound as the product?

Vemma: The Company

The company was founded in 2004 by CEO B.K. Boreyko, known simply as BK.  He is a seasoned award-winning marketing executive with an excellent track record, and Vemma is no fly-by-night company. It is sound, with sound management experienced in the health industry, and is financially secure.

Liquid nutrition is currently increasing in popularity, and the public is becoming more aware of terms such as antioxidants, free radicals and anti-inflammatories.  Not only does the product promote good health when taken in maintenance doses, but can also reduce the swelling and pain associated with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, cystitis and atherosclerosis – a serious blocking of the arteries endangering cardiovascular health.

The company is therefore based on a sound product. You can easily sell both Vemma EXTRA and Verve on their important health-promoting properties, and the program to recruits on its earning potential in network marketing.

Vemma: The Compensation Plan

The plan is a simple binary MLM compensation plan. Fundamentally, you have two distributors on your first level, one to each of the right and left. All other members you recruit are placed on the right leg of your two initial members, so your team members benefit from the recruiting efforts of their sponsors. While you build your own left leg, your right leg grows through the spill-over from your sponsor. You are therefore reliant on your sponsor to a large extent.

In order to make serious money you will likely have to sell product yourself and not rely only on those in your downline to do so.  The binary system does not enable huge downlines, although your members benefit from your own efforts. This has the effect of building a good team that trusts you. That could be useful if you intent using your team with other MLM programs.

Vemma MLM Program:  Conclusion

There is no doubting the credentials of the product:  is it genuine and in vogue, and should sell very readily. There is a minimum of training offered, and this program is likely better for the more seasoned network marketers that understand the compensation plan and how to make the most of it.

Nevertheless Vemma is a genuine opportunity with a great product and honest management and founder. It is ideal for those with a genuine interest in their health and that of their family. Such people should find it easy to sell the product because their enthusiasm and belief in it should shine through.

Vemma is also a product you can use yourself or for your kids, and you will likely find your downline buying and using it. That is always a good sign with an MLM product, because so many are no more than props in the program. With Vemma you get the real deal!

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Vemma Summary

Vemma offers a network marketing program with an excellent genuine product and a good binary compensation plan, so one of your legs is built by your sponsors while you focus on the other.  It is suitable for experienced MLM marketers and also those that like the product, which is suitable for both adults and children.

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