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Avon Review: A Legitimate Network Marketing MLM Opportunity

Picture of Woman Eye ... Avon Review YahSuccessMost people have heard of Avon, and know it from the door to door method of selling cosmetics.  But how does it pan out as a legitimate means of making money as a network marketing or MLM business? Here are some facts and comments from which you can make your own decisions.

Avon Review:  The Founder

Avon is one of the most established giants of multilevel marketing in the world, and has been in operation for over 100 years.  The business was founded in 1886 by founder David H. McConnel. He was originally a door-knocking book salesman, who put together free perfume samples to attract women to his products.

However, on noticing that the women were more interested in the perfumes than the books, he took to selling these instead. He then noticed that some women were born salespersons and could sell perfumes to their friends and relatives – he got the idea of using them as his agents and Avon was born as the California Perfume Company.

It became very popular because at that time it was almost unheard of for married women to earn money for themselves. He had over 5,000 agents on his books inside 15 years, changed the name, and Avon now has an annual turnover of about $10 billion in direct sales from its New York HQ.

Avon Review:  The Products

The range of Avon products is legendary, and this is no one-trick pony like many MLM programs are. Fragrances may have comprised Avon’s original product range, but it now includes skin and personal care products, hair care products, cosmetics and a range of jewelry. Avon products are distributed worldwide, initially through a direct sales approach and now through traditional online network marketing methods.

The internet offered a means for the company to set up MLM networks and for representatives to make money either by selling Avon products in either the traditional manner or online, or by attracting a downline of agents and making money from their sales. Most choose to do both although the traditional door to door method is still the major sales technique used by Avon representatives.

The Avon Compensation Plan  

Once you have paid your $10 or equivalent to enroll as an Avon distributor, you can sell to your own customer base and/or enroll your own team.  The Avon compensation plan is not advertised online, but from various sources it appears that you get paid a 20% commission for sales from $25 – £144, 30% for $145 – $284 and so on, up to 50% for sales of $1550 and over.

If you recruit new members, you become a Unit Leader with 5 members and get paid 3% – 7% commission on their sales plus a bonus payment for recruiting them.  That might not seem very much, but that’s for every sale made by every member you have recruited, so it can amount to a great deal of money. Additionally, you can move up the leadership ladder and senior Executive Leaders are given a car allowance – basically enough money for them to hire a car on Avon. Your commission income and your bonuses also increase as you climb up the ladder.

The Avon compensation plan is a good one, and unlike some you get paid honestly for the work you do. The harder you work and the more people you recruit, then the more money you make. A Senior Executive Leader can make around $135,000/year, give or take a few thousand.

Avon Review:  A Summary of the Avon Network Marketing Opportunity

Avon is a genuine network marketing opportunity with well known, respected products in the middle range as cosmetic products go. The training program is excellent, with a DVD explaining to you how to run your first Avon Party with your friends and family. However, friends and family is not the only route to take, and in fact is not the best one. Personal friends might help, but you can sell either offline or online.

There is still plenty room for Avon representatives, and there are thousands of monthly searches online in most local areas on Google. You could go around hairdressing and nail salons and ask if you can leave your catalogue. Blogs or social networking can be utilized to promote your Avon business.

Avon products are well known so you don’t have the reserved suspicion that many will have for products they don’t know. No Avon review could claim the MLM program not to be worth trying, and with a low entry fee compared to most MLM programs, Avon is well worth trying – particularly if you feel you have a good customer base among your friends.

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