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Bode Happy, Bode Burn, Bode Strong and Bode Energy Products

The Bode products available are designed in general to make you nootropic happy, deal with weight management, supplementation at the cellular level and increase your energy. These include Bode Happy, Bode Burn, Bode Strong and Bode Energy.

Bode Happy – Focus Supplementation*

Bode Happy is a delicious way to gain a mental advantage in this high paced world. If our mind is alert and focused we will be able to function at our maximum performance. Bode Happy is really 3 products in one.

  • Nootropic … this is an emerging brain supplemental category … said to be in billions of dollars. Bode Happy is designed to give you a different kind of energy when you need to be at your best.
  • Energy Drink … 125 mg of natural caffeine.
  • Healthy Skin, Hair and Nail Supplement … containing vitamins, silica and biotin.

What is beyond the current trend supplementation to increase your energy? … The next explosion will be Nootropics. Supplements that promote productivity, focus, alertness and support cognitive function. We all want to feel happy and Nootropics will deliver this.

Bode Burn – Fitness and Weight Management*

Bode Burn will be available in different delivery systems but the most convenient will be the on the go packet. Bode Burn contains 20 grams of hydrolyzed collagen and  7 grams of fiber.

Some suggest hydrolyzed collagen is capable of increasing lean muscle mass stores, treating arthritis, and even rebuilding certain organs.*

Bode Burn can be mixed with water creating incredible on the go convenience. This is another 3 benefit product: protein drink, energy drink and vitamins. Want an energy lift or a protein snack … this can be taken anytime … even pre or post workout. Bode Burn gives a great balance of carbs to protein ratio.

Bode Strong & Bode Ionic – Cellular Supplements*

In order for your body to function at its best your trillions of cells need the correct nutrition. Bode Strong & Bode Ionic both liquid plant source mineral supplements for those of us that want an extra boost of life giving minerals … 1 gram of plant source minerals per ounce of this product.

Mineral in Bode Strong have been called the “SparkPlug” of life.

Bode Energy – Clinically Studied Healthy Energy*

Bode Energy gives you the healthy energy you need with natural caffeine, along with a full does of clinically studied vitamins, plant source minerals and phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are found naturally in fruit. … In the human body, phytonutrients often display beneficial properties. Phytonutrient supplements contain a variety of different classes of compounds, such as carotenoids and flavonoids. Bode Energy just maybe what you need to get you through your day.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended for diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease.