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Bode Pro Disrupts The Energy Drink Weight Management Market

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Bode Weight Management and Energy Drink

Bode Pro’s products include an energy drink and weight management product line. Bode Impact, will add a new dimension to Bode Pro by tapping into the weight management and weight loss arena.

Bode Pro

Bode Pro always starts with ultra premium quality … the best ingredients, the most innovative formulas that you cannot find anywhere else and the most stringent manufacturing certifications and procedures.

Bode Pro products are made in a large state of the art manufacturing facility. This includes liquid and powder dietary and liquid nutrition supplements. These facilities are controlled access facilities with 24 hour security monitoring and video surveillance.

Bode Pro Manufacturing

Bode Pro has 250,000 square feet of facility space and a daily capacity of 400,000 units of bottles or powder products. This includes Bode Pro shakes and Bode Strong products.

The cans section has a capacity of 1 million cans and a state of the art encapsulation process specifically designed to manufacture Bode Ten. Quality and innovation is crucial … all the raw materials are brought in and placed in quarantine for testing. Bode Pro tests for heavy metal, insecticides, pesticides and other impurities. Potency and certified organic, kosher and non-gmo.

The purified water used in the liquid products is carried over stainless steel lines. The water is purified using reverse osmosis. This filler room has positive air pressure room and clean filtered air is constantly being pumped in and maintained at 1 psi over atmospheric pressure.

Bode Pro has a commitment to create the finest most innovative products. All of this quality is delivered to the consumers doorsteps all around the world.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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