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What is Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

An Explanation On Multi Level Marketing

PartnerWithBV Click HereWhat is multi level marketing? Taking it to basics, MLM is a marketing technique used by businesses involving the leverage of independent marketers to sell to clients and customers that would otherwise not be reached using traditional marketing techniques. In fact, it could be equated with an advanced form of affiliate marketing. Read the rest of this entry

Activities That May Rob Your Time in Internet Marketing

PartnerWithBV Click HereThere are certain activities that rob your time in internet marketing and these must be avoided if possible. That is because you likely have little enough time already to complete all the tasks that are facing you. One of the fundamental factors involved in running an online home business successfully is to make the best use of the time available to you. Read the rest of this entry

Should You Pay Someone to Join Your MLM Program?

Should You Pay Someone to Join Your MLM?

PartnerWithBV Click HereYou should not always pay someone to join your MLM program for reasons that shall shortly become apparent. It might sometimes appear obvious to do so, particularly if a prospect or even a friend is desperate to join but hasn’t the means to buy themselves in just yet. Many people involved in MLM network marketing will come across this situation from time to time, so what should they do? Read the rest of this entry

Mistakes That Rookies Make on Facebook

Rookies make many mistakes when they use Facebook as marketing tool, many of these being related to a misunderstanding of the nature of social networking. “Facebook is great,” so all you need do is register and it drives loads of traffic your way.  True, yes?  Absolutely not! Read the rest of this entry

Benefits of Your Own Squeeze Page Vs the Company Page

PartnerWithBV Click HereBefore explaining the benefits of your own squeeze page over using the company page in an MLM program – or any other program for that matter – first let’s explain what a MLM squeeze page is and its purpose. Many different people have a different interpretation of its so it’s important to get that settled first. Read the rest of this entry

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