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Concentrated Shower Spray Cleaner No Scrubbing

I have tested this combination of products to come up with a no scrubbing shower spray cleaner. I use after every shower and then rinse off. This mixture removes the soap scum, greatly reducing the need to scrub the glass and walls of the shower.

I have noticed this also prevents spotting, soap scum buildup and hard water stains. I use this in my shower but I am sure it will also work on shower curtains and the inside of tubs. The effective ingredient is AquaCharge, that mixes with water on shower surfaces to soften soap scum … also, breaks apart hard water minerals.

I kid you not, this really works well. I spray for about 15 seconds and then just simply rinse. This works best at the end of my shower.

What I like best about this is that it contains no harsh chemicals. This means no chlorine, no ammonia, no formaldehyde, no phthalates, no parabens and no harsh fumes. The ingredients are biodegradable powered by plant-derived ingredients. I have a piece of mind knowing that my daily shower cleaner is safe for my family.

This is a combination of two products that are shipped as a concentrated formula which means less water, less plastic and less fuel to ship. I have been on a kick of going greener and getting rid of chemicals in the house. Chemicals have known to have long lasting effects on your health. Who knows what else they will find out about the chemicals in cleaning agents.

Some just say use the No Work but I have found by boosting it with the Melamagic greatly improves the effectiveness.

The first ingredient is No Work Daily Shower Cleaner. This product is concentrated at 12x so it is very economical to purchase. The second ingredient is Melamagic Heavy Duty Cleaner. This is concentrated at 4x. The ratio use is 4 parts No Work, 1 part Melamagic and 10 parts water. If I need a little more boost I put in some additional No Work. I have found if you use too much Melamagic the spray will not come out of the spray bottle correctly.

Some just say use the No Work but I have found by boosting it with the Melamagic greatly improves the effectiveness. I really do not know why this works but does it really matter? This saves me so much time and is simple to use. Also, no chemicals that can harm your health.

Because you use so little of the product, I use the left over Melamagic for a general cleaning product. It is fantastic for mopping the floors. Again, you use so little that this is way less expensive than typical spray cleaners. I hope my suggestion work.

If you have questions or want to know where to get the products please just comment below and I will get back to you. Happy reduced time cleaning.

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