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Conquer Your Fear With Action: Taking Action to Defeat Fear

Conquer Your Fear Take Action

You can conquer your fear with action: if you don’t face your fears and take action to overcome them, they will be a burden all your life and hold you back in business and in your personal life. Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but it is fear.”

By taking action to conquer your fears you are taking a positive step forwards in your desire to succeed: whether that is to succeed in your online business or to succeed in life in general. ‘Faint heart never won fair lady’ is as true as it is old.

If you like a young lady, but are afraid she will turn you down, what’s to lose? If you don’t ask her out you will never succeed in any case, so pluck up the courage and ask – you may be surprised!

” if only” … The two saddest words in life: don’t let them apply to you.

Maybe she was thinking the same thing about you – it happens, and the same is true for women – it needn’t just be the guy that takes the first step!  Many people live their entire lives without knowing what might have been – if only ….

Identify the Consequences of Your Fears

If you are the type of person that likes to proceduralize things, then there is one way to tackle your fear of bad thinks happening:

  • Write down your fears and the worst things that could happen to you, your business or your life.
  • Consider each of these, then beside them write down everything you can think of to minimize the likelihood of these things happening.
  • Now write down all the actions you can take to make everything happen. Draw up a list with timescales if possible and start to take action to conquer your fears.

Many people find it difficult to rationalize their fears, and they are not all as simple as writing down ‘I am afraid of water – I can’t swim‘. Jumping in the pool might seem an obvious solution to some, but is virtually impossible for someone to do voluntarily if they are afraid of water. Learning to swim might be possible, and that might be easier if you get a professional instructor you could trust not to let you drown.

Fear of Success

That’s a simply action you can take.  But what if you are afraid of failure in your online business, or even worse – you are afraid of success? Some are afraid to succeed in case they cannot handle success and it might ruin their lives.

It’s the same reason why some people would rather win just one million in the lottery than 100 million. They are afraid of ruining their lives and being left with no incentives. No reason to work and nothing to look forward to because you can have it all right now! All that can happen is to go downwards, not upwards. That’s why those born into money can generally handle wealth better than those that win it.

“Will I end up like Howard Hughes or will I be OK like Warren Buffet or Richard Branson?” That’s a form of fear that is not easy to categorize and take action to dispel. However, most fears can be rationalized, and you can conquer them by identifying the worst things that can happen and have a plan to prevent them happening. Stopping buying lottery tickets is avoiding the fear, not conquering it.

If you fear success, then you will fear attaining your goals.

You must have goals in life or in your business, but the goal should not itself be the subject of your fear. If you fear success, then you will fear attaining your goals. However, by writing down the potential consequences of your fears, it is possible to tackle them with positive action.

Commit Yourself and Burn the Boats

Another way to face your fears is to do as the Greeks did and burn the boats. Greek armies traveled a lot by sea to do battle, and once they landed they burned their boats so they were committed to their goal.  There was no way back for them, and their determination to succeed became stronger because of that. Any fear of failure then became a driving force, rather than a reason for inaction. You can do the same.

… this then commits you to persevere in spite of your fear of failure.

For example, pay for a year of web hosting in advance rather than a month. This then commits you to persevere in spite of your fear of failure. Register for college before you even sit your degree exams – this gives to an incentive to overcome your fear of failure.

In summation then, action can help conquer your fears, but first you must identify those fears and their potential consequences. Tackle those consequences individually and you can commit yourself to focus your mind on success rather than failure.
Brian Verigin, Internet Success Coach. If you may be interested in creating “Your Blueprint” on the internet, developing your image or maybe even earning some income …. let me know. I can assist you.

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