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FaceBook Question Answered: Top Leader With No FB Posts?

I had an interesting FaceBook message  this morning that I would like to comment on.

ok… I see you (Brian Verigin) are on the XYZ Company(name withheld) and you are one of the top leaders, yet you never post or advertise on FB… share your secret with me please!!! ~fb message from a friend

Many people use FaceBook to promote their business and that is okay as long as it is not overused. You can really piss off friends and family by constantly promoting what you are doing day after day. Quite frankly I do not think they really care!

An occasional post is fine if done in good taste. Maybe once a week and keep in mind there is no hard rule. Be a bit creative and incorporate your post into something you are doing. If it is a nutritional product include a link in a comment you make about what you are doing to better your health. You have to remember people hooked up with you because of YOU and like interests.

A suggestion is to make sure you post about yourself at least once every couple of days. What you are doing things you may have done in the community … you get it … about yourself. Post interesting things about others and be careful about mentioning names. Some do not like their name announced on the internet. You can always tell a story and not mention a name.

Respond to other people’s posts. This is important. Show an interest in what they are doing and posting about. Be genuine and the real person you are. Cut the crap posts and most of all be positive.

PartnerWithBV Click HereBy constantly being active on FaceBook people will see you for who you are. Then at this time slip in your opportunity link or even better a blog post your have done. In the post you can mention your opportunity. This is exactly what I have done here.

Oh to answer the question on the secret … there is no secret I just use YahSuccess to educate myself and get people to call me to join my business. This is very convenient.

Hope this helps and happy FaceBook posting.

Brian Verigin, I am looking for motivated people who want to earn a 6 figure income.

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