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Feeling Better About Yourself, It Is All Relative

Getting to feel better about yourself physically … Gang this is not a contest and it is all relative to our current physical condition and state of mind … if we can just take one small little step in a positive direction then we will set the wheels a rolling … I know an individual who is very fit, been in the Olympics, probably mid 50’s said to me – “I am out of shape” … I looked at him and said to myself … “what are you freakin talking about” … honestly he looked incredibly fit. In his mind, relative to the way he feels, his history, etc … he knows he can be feelin’ better. To some, he looks like a fit athlete, to himself he wants to get it back … it is all relative. So no matter what state you’re in physically, quit trying to be like the other person … make it relative to who you are and any small move in the right direction is a HUGE accomplishment. Crank Em Out – Get A Movin’. ~bv — at BV’s House.


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