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Food in the Kitchen | Importance of Efforts Outside The Gym

At Home and In The Kitchen

A typical member or client will show up in the gym, maybe a couple days a week or even four or five. You can workout hard but the majority of the results you are going to get are outside of the gym. This is about food, sleep and hydration. Bryan can give you an amazing workout and he does this every single time he works with someone.

“Your results matter the hours I do not see you, if you see a trainer 1 hour a week, there are an additional 167 hours during that week that you are on your own” Bryan Price.

What really makes them want to come back is when they see results. The trainer has a role to provide the tools to succeed both inside and outside of the gym. “Your results matter the hours I do not see you,” Bryan Price. If you see a trainer 1 hour a week, there are an additional 167 hours during that week that you are on your own. It is what you do here that is going to count.

A trainer cannot control what you do outside the gym. We all personally have situations that may make or break bad habits we are doing outside the gym … we may have kids … we may have family … we have stressors bombarding us every single day. The trainee must follow a set plan that is presented for them. A good trainer will do this and encourage you to work around your family and lifestyle … but this is still a commitment and you will have to make some important decisions.

Clients Must Journal Food

Bryan is not a big fan of the fitness app and believes we must physically journal what we are doing and eating. The app can be helpful but it does have it drawbacks. Bryan uses, Sally Sue, as an example trainee who whats to loose 80 pounds, as per doctor orders. That is a goal and Bryan estimates which can be done in about a year’s time. The first step is to write down what you are eating and when you are eating it. The apps will give you an amount of calories to be eating per day.

We all have personal lives and what the biggest problem is the timing of eating your meals. Sally gets home at 9 pm and her app says she has you have 800 calories left to eat. The question is what are you going to eat for 800 calories at night. Sally will grab something quick and easy … the biggest mistake she can make. She will grab something easy, out of the box and quick … Hey, I ate my 800 calories now I can go to sleep.

If you eat late at night it is the number one way to gain weight.

Bode Pro Happy HourThis is a huge problem as eating at this time and not burning it off is a sure fire way to gain weight. Sally steps on the scale the next day and goes up a pound or two … big time discouraged. She waited all day not eating then crams it all in at night. This stores fat to the body. Sally is stressed about this and now cannot burn fat efficiently … a vicious cycle.

If you write things down it is statistically proven to be more effective … time when you have to eat … set an alarm to eat … I am not going to let an app control me. The app can help with this during the day but the problem is late at night when it says you have X number of calories to eat is where the breakdown is. If you eat late at night it is the number one way to gain weight.

80 Percent Nutrition – 20 Percent Other

Bryan goes by the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of your results are on nutrition and 20 percent is other. Bryan will see more females say, “I need to burn a huge amount of calories.” They are not working out for 1 hour but want to work out for 2 or 3 and then come back again a 2nd time the same day to do the same. They are depleting themselves and doing more harm than good. The rule of thumb is one workout for every 24 hours. All you need is one hour of focused exercise. Bryan calls this one hour … “The Power/Happy Hour.”

Health and Wellness Series presented by Brian Verigin (bv), Bode Pro Influencer. Special guest today is Bryan Price, Certified Personal Trainer. Bryan is on FaceBook (Marquette, MI) and his contact information is found in the video presentation above. Bryan is open to question and feel free to give him a call. If you are interested in learning more please access ==>> and look for the segments on Health and Wellness.

NOTE: We are not doctors, we make no health claims and the above is just our opinion and what we have experienced for common sense health. If you are planning a change in your health practices and/or a nutrition change please consult your Physician. Remember, if you want to remain the same keep doing what you are doing … if you want to change then YOU have to make a decision to make that change.

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