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Google Search Command Site To Is A Useful Tool For SEO

UPDATE: Alexa Does Not Apply

Gauge the Progress of Your Website or Blog

Gauge The Progress of Your WebsiteYou have worked real hard to put up a website or blog and now what? One of the things you want to do is measure the progress of the site and see how it fits popularity wise. There are a couple of tools I use, which are free. I call this the “quick and dirty approach” to measure the relative strength of your site.

Google Search Command Site To

You want the number sites appearing in the search to be as high a possible. This would include indexed pages, possible linked in sites, social bookmarks, etc. As you progress the number will grow and your traffic will increase.

I would suggest if you are working on your site diligently check the above figures on a weekly basis. Remember is all relative and as long as progress is being made your chances of success will increase.
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