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How to Make a Blog and Earn Money Blogging, Start Blogging

PartnerWithBV Click HereKnowing how to make a blog will make it possible for you to earn money blogging without many of the problems involved in running a regular website. There are several content management systems (CMS) that you can use to design and create your own blog, although most people opt for Blogger or WordPress.

Blogger is a free blogging service owned by Google that enables you to set up simple blogs with limited customization and functionality – these are fine for those simply wanting to record their thoughts and daily activities. WordPress goes one step further, and here are ways how to make a blog using Blogger and WordPress, and how to use them to earn money blogging. We shall start with Google’s own blogging software:

How to Make a Blog:  Blogger

Go to the Blogger website and set up an account (your existing Google account is used if you have one), create a Profile, choose a template for your blog and off you go. Blogger is free and useful for those using a blog to keep in touch with friends and family, or offering links to sales pages offering products or services that don’t need any customization.

When you make a blog using Blogger you have very little to set up and the blog is run from Google’s own platform – you do not need a separate web hosting service. However, if you want to earn money blogging, Blogger offers you limited opportunity to make your blog truly your own. It’s great for people wanting to run a personal blog, but not for a professional business.

How to Make a Blog:  WordPress

WordPress offers a similar free service to Blogger from its .com website. You can register for a free account, set up your Profile and then select a template or theme from those available on the free WordPress platform.

Some prefer Blogger and others WordPress, and once again, you don’t need your own domain or website: the version of WordPress run from WordPress’s own site is similar to Blogger. Like Google’s Blogger, it has insufficient customization available for you to compete commercially against competition if you want to earn money blogging.

How to Make a Blog:  Download WordPress

You can have a more advanced blog if you run WordPress from your own domain. You can download the WordPress software from their .org website, and then customization is almost unlimited. Here are some of the steps involved, and how a WordPress site can be used to earn money blogging:

  • 1. Get a Domain – First you should purchase a domain name from a site such as GoDaddy or DomainOrb. You can use a website such as to find available domain names relating to your niche or type of business. You should pay under $10 for a minimum 1 year lease on domain names that have to be renewed after each leased period.
  • 2. Get a Web Hosting Service – Now register for a web hosting service such as Hostgator – you can get a great hosting service for under $10/month.  Don’t use free services- you will find there is always a catch, and Hostgator Baby service is all you should ever need. The web host provides the web space so you can set up your blog using the domain you purchased … You will have to point your domain to the web hosting service you choose, but they will show you how to do that. Make sure your web host uses cPanel – a website management panel that is invaluable – particularly for beginners.
  • 3.  Download WordPress – If you have chosen Hostgator or any other web host using cPanel, look for a link to Fantastico or Fantastico de Luxe, and then for ‘WordPress’  Click that and follow the simple instructions to download WordPress. It’s basically a one-click installation, apart from entering your blog user name and password.
  • 4.  Customize WordPress – You can start off with any of the preloaded templates to familiarize yourself with WordPress, but once you understand it you can design and use your own header graphics, and set up the plugin software available to your best advantage. Play around with it and learn how to upload new templates or themes, new plugins and so on.

If you know HTML you will be able to change the various sections of your blog, such as the sidebars, headers and footers, and you will be able to add a great deal of useful functionality using the masses of plugins available online that you cannot use with Blogger or the simple form of WordPress. You may also create permanent pages, such as pre-sales and regular sales pages, as well as posts on your blog.

That is basically how to make a blog, and to earn money blogging simply include a few affiliate links to you presales and sales pages. You can also link to any other websites you have.  Blogs are easier to set up that regular websites, and the plugins available take away most of the hard work involved in SEO, generating sitemaps and many other aspects of regular websites that many have problems with.

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