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How You Can Make Ends Meet During Inflation, Increase Income

During inflation times or market downturns it can be a challenge to make ends meet. Your money you have is not meeting the increase in the price of everyday products. We are all challenged with either reducing our expenses or earning some additional income. This is a two factor “blow” to current households.

We can sit back and bitch about it but we do have options.

Groceries and staple items all cost more. Yes, we can cut back on what we purchase but we still have to eat, drive and live. I would venture to say that your annual raise you get is not matching inflation. The buying power of our income is just not the same at it was. There are not many extras anymore. We can sit back and bitch about it but we do have options.

We all have the option of looking for better paying jobs. At the time of writing this there is a surplus of jobs and not enough workers to fill the positions. People are job hopping and chasing better paying jobs. This will soon come to a halt but it will take some time. Uprooting and taking on another job is not a simple fix, especially if it will require you to move. This creates another challenge.

There is another option to increase your income and it does not require you to job hunt, move or uproot your current situation. It is scalable and you can start slow. The top end is unlimited. Starting an internet home business is becoming more the mainstream. There are no huge capital outlays, systems are setup for you but this does still require a commitment. There is not easy way to do this.

I have consistently received a monthly check …

I am currently working full time in IT for a health facility and this is my full time gig. I have set myself up, starting in 2005, to have the option of generating some additional income on the side. Since I feel strongly that my health is important to me I have connected with a couple of Health & Wellness companies. The concept is real simple, you just introduce the products/business to individuals who you feel could benefit from the product or want to earn some income. I have consistently received a monthly check since 2005. Of course it goes up and down base on how hard I work at it.

What is exciting, for me, is that this is in place and setup … when I want to hit it hard I can. I will start to fuel the engine and have the ability to skyrocket my income. I am close to retirement and am currently hanging on to my full time job because of health benefits. The time will come when I will hit the ground running and ramp up my home business. It is in place and ready to go at anytime. Anyone has the ability to do this. It just takes some commitment.

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