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Internet Marketing, Importance of Building Your Own List

Marketing on the Internet can be absolutely overwhelming. A suggestion is to focus on what is important and what will give you the most “bang for your buck”, in the long term. Any successful marketer will tell you the key is obtaining data from the person who is surfing the web. Getting them to opt in on a list which you control. A lead is generated. We all have seen them and an example opt in can be found in a link at the end of this article.

Typically, the person surfing the web, will be asked to fill in their name, email, phone, etc. Their lead is then stored in a list which is attached to an autoresponder which sends (drips) emails every couple of days. These emails include anything from free information to other offers. It all depends what was opted in for. The owner of the data controls the drip emails, how often, content, how many, etc. After the autoresponder is setup it is all automated.

Let’s say you filled in an opt in form. The person who collected your lead information now has a way to contact you. You obviously opted in for a reason and hopefully the information that is sent to you pertains to what you asked for. Once the list holder has your information, it is like holding onto a “gold nugget.” As long as you do not opt out, your name will remain in their database. The holder of your name has the option of sending you information any time they want.


You probably can see and visualize the power of this, as you have control over the data. There is a huge potential of making money from a list which is called, “Monetizing Your List.” This is a completely different topic as there are many, many ways to do this. The goal for you is to start to collect people’s information.

In 2006, I had this concept drilled into me and at the time I really did not understand why this was so important. I did listen and started building my lead list slowly. I did not do much with monetizing the list but I was collecting names. I do appreciate what I was told. Now I have a substantial list, holding the “bag” . It is like a bag of gold nuggets which keeps on growing. The names will not go away and I consider it a major investment. Yes, new names will be added some will drop but the opt in list keeps expanding.

If you are an experienced marketer, you do understand this. If you are new to the business, then it is critical you understand it. Start building your list with an autoresponder. It does not do any good to collect emails without an autoresponder for two reasons. First, it is all automated with the opt in form, and second, with the autoresponder you can email the list. If you collect the names yourself without an autoresponder … you will have a difficult time mailing to your list. Start building and investing in your future success.

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