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Is Your Health Important To You, It Is Not Too Late

Take On The Health Challenge ... Click HereI have come to a point where I have to be a bit blunt with people and what I am going to say is not intended to offend anyone just hopefully inspire them to make whatever decision they may choose. This does not apply to everyone.

I have asked myself this question many times throughout my my life, “Is my health important to me?”

When I was 20 years old it did not even phase me. Yes, I worked hard at athletics, took pride in what I did and did my best. Much of it though was pounded in me by others and either do it or else. It was forced motivation and at the time I did not appreciate it.

In my 30’s I started to understand a bit more, but still did not quite get the health thing. I was still invincible and kept on destroying my body with not so good food and drink. I also played sports like I was in my 20’s with no regard for future consequences. Taking physical care of my body was not really a priority.

Then my 40’s hit. OMG … my metabolism slow down, was hurt all the time, could not do what I wanted and plain old made excuses for not exercising thinking I would be okay. When I hit 47 something happened to me. My moment of decision, to say this was enough. I had walked up the stairs and when I got to the top I was breathing hard and dizzy. This cannot be good. I was out of shape, overweight and not doing anything for the good of my body.

Bode Pro Happy Get Free Sample HereFrom that point on I did an about turn. I was on a mission to change my bad habits and set my mind to do it. This is where I realized how important my health was to me.

I was making excuses and putting things off. Hey, I realized my health was important to me as I wanted to be there for my kids. I could not help them if I did not take care of myself first. Why did it take me 47 years to realize this? I guess it comes with maturity and coming to the realization we only have one body and it is powered by the mind. A health body will lead to a healthy mind.

It is never too early to start and it is never too late to start.

I talk to people every single day about health and the importance of it. Some people get it and some people don’t. Don’t wait until it is too late, quit putting it off as there is no excuse when it comes to your health. It is never too early to start and it is never too late to start. Life is too important.

Right now I am on The Challenge and it is working very well. Many people I talk to agree it is the way to go but they have a few issues they cannot seem to overcome. I guess their health is not that important to them.

I would like to thank Brittany Colleen Adams for the following Facebook post (09/04/12):

+++++Start Post+++++
Why to people have to wait to join The Challenge?

  • If you wait you will never do it.
  • If you keep saying, I do not have the money, you never will have the money.
  • If you keep saying you do not want to miss out on the holiday foods, then your perspective of instant gratification is warped.
  • If you keep saying I am not ready, then you will never be ready.

Stop making all of those lame excuses and just do it … at any cost and at any sacrifice! Why? Because if you don’t take care of your body… where will you live?

You just do not want it bad enough, because if it was important to you … you’d find a way, yet your always finding an excuse. Getting healthy sucks, it takes dedication, willpower and a positive attitude, but the rewards are even better. Trust me …take action and the leap of faith, get started on your Challenge and don’t wait.
+++++End Post+++++

Is your health important to you. If it is, there is no excuse, any excuse for not committing to a plan to better your situation. You cannot help anyone else unless you take care of yourself first. You cannot help anyone if you are six feet under or floating around in ashes.

People will feel sorry for you for a while but you will be remembered for what you have done, who you have helped and how you contributed to society. As each day passes and you do not take action it is one less day you can contribute. If you care take action now, not tomorrow, right now. Join with me ===>>>

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The mental state of mind controls all of our activities. Take care of yourself and lead a wellness lifestyle.