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Liquid Vitamins Have Higher Absorption Rates

Bode Strong Vitamin AbsorptionLiquid Vitamin Nutritional Supplement Has Many Benefits

Proper diet, nutrition and being active is so important to living a healthy active life. In the early years one can get away with so much nutrition wise but eventually it will catch up with you. It has a compound effect but in saying this we can always change our habits, make adjustments to poor diet and make smarter decisions in food absorption choices. Healthy eating, vitamin supplementing and of course exercise is important … this is on my priority list to leading a better lifestyle.

The market is flooded with vitamins and nutritional supplement. The terms: New, cutting edge technology, the best, all natural, etc. Vitamin overload plus the expense to cover the whole gamut of minerals and the A to Z of vitamins. This is frankly overwhelming.

I have used mounds of vitamins, from A to Z, with expired bottles lining my upper kitchen cabinet. Pill and more pills but is this the answer and right option … it is for some but we should keep exploring and do what works for us. We may have a handful of pills, different colors for different things. Is this your situation … does this sound like we are talking the same talk? Sort of like asking Alice (Jefferson Starship) – “One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small … And the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all.”

Okay let’s get serious here. I started to ask myself, is there a better way to get daily liquid vitamin nutrition from the stand point of easy, affordable and optimum absorption.

Bode Pro Strong No PillsVitamin and Mineral Absorption

Research shows that liquid vitamins have an absorption rate of up to 95%. Vitamins in liquid form bypass the digestive process and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Liquid vitamins are easier to swallow, especially for children and seniors.

“About 15 years ago I was at a local triathlon and there were lines of porta potties being used. The person who owned to porta potty company was a friend of mine and also doing the race. We started taking and I asked him more about his business. He asked me a question of “What Do You Think The #1 Thing That We See Stuck In The Screens When We Empty The Porta Potties?” I thought it was a trick question and said the obvious “Poop.” To my surprise he said “undigested vitamins.”” – Tyler Ford

Vitamin and Mineral Realization

When I heard this it got me to thinking about how much of our vitamin pill supplements we take are being absorbed into our body. More so, how much are we spending on these pills if we are just flushing them through our system. Are we wasting alot of money on vitamins that are just flushed through our system anyway?

Is there better way to get our daily vitamin nutrition from the stand point of ease, expense, and absorption?

The first common sense thought was, I need to find a liquid vitamin that covered a large spectrum of the daily essentials that was liquid. Second, I desired a liquid vitamin that was affordable and lastly did it taste good.

In 2006, I came upon a liquid vitamin called Vemma and have been hooked on Vemma ever since. The owners of Vemma have recently created a new company called Bode Pro, and introduced a new product called Bode Strong. Bode Strong tastes amazing and is very affordable. The amount of money I save by having to buy one liquid vitamin vs having to buy pills and vitamins to cover the spectrum from A to Z is substantial. You can do the math yourself and compare the cost.


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