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Although maca root contains no hormones itself, the benefits that it provides affect the hormonal balance in both men and women. In addition, there is evidence that the maca root benefits go further in boosting the energy, mood, memory, and overall sexual health and wellbeing of those who consume it on a regular basis.

Improves Memory, Mood, and Energy

For those who take maca root regularly, they feel their energy levels increases along with being in a better mood. This is arguably because maca root has an effect similar to caffeine in that it boosts the energy, but does not have the shakiness or jitters. Because of the boost in energy, the mood also improves as you feel more capable of doing the things that you want. Of course, the blood flow improves as well, which helps with the ability to recall events so your memory is boosted, too.

Increases Antioxidant Levels

By boosting the levels of antioxidants in the blood stream, the maca root benefits help stall premature aging. This is because antioxidants suppress the free radicals in the body that cause the skin, hair, and nails to age prematurely. In addition, the immune system in the body gets a boost thanks to the antioxidants present. In fact, the presence of antioxidants also helps with heart health so that your cardiovascular system works better for you.

… overall sexual health and wellbeing of those who consume it on a regular basis.

Hormonal Balance in Women

For women suffering from PMS or menopause, the maca root benefits include the estrogen levels being properly maintained so that the symptoms are less severe. With the estrogen levels at the right amount, the overall fertility is improved which makes it easier to become pregnant while decreasing the unwanted effects of PMS and menopause. Maca root also helps women who have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and generally increases the sexual libido thanks in large part to the boost in the levels of serotonin in the body.

Hormonal Balance in Men

The hormonal balance in men is restored thanks to the maca root benefits. For men, one of the primary benefits is to the prostate and its improved health. This means that the root has been shown to improve the overall production of sperm which in turn improves fertility in men. Of the many studies performed, maca root demonstrated its ability to improve libido and overcome minor sexual dysfunction in men thanks arguably to the increase in blood flow, mood, and energy levels.

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It should be noted that maca root does not increase the levels of testosterone, but instead basically improved overall body function so that it maximized the effects of the testosterone in the system.

The maca root benefits you can enjoy will boost your overall energy, health, and wellbeing. While maca root is not a cure or miracle product, it does provide the body which much of what it needs to thrive. For those who are looking to improve their energy levels, the maca root benefits may go well beyond your expectations if taken in moderate amounts on a daily basis.

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