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Make Success Simple, Just Make a Decision: It Doesn’t Hurt

Make Success Simple, Just Make a Decision

PartnerWithBV Click HereIt is possible to make success simple if you just force yourself to make a decision.  Too many people fail because they could not act, where had they made a decision, any decision other than doing nothing, they may have enjoyed success. Try to avoid being one of them, and I repeat make success simple.

It is very strange that people make hundreds of decisions every day, such as what clothes to wear in the morning, what to have for lunch and what time to get back home by – yet they cannot make the decisions that are critical to their lives and businesses.

Fear of Failure

‘Look at that lovely girl sitting there alone – should I ask her if she wants a drink? No, better not – she might say no.’ There’s another potential relationship lost for the want of the right decision. What’s the worst that could happen? She would just say no! What’s so bad about that for you to be afraid of it so much that you don’t even try? Five minutes later one of your friends asks her, and they leave together after a quick drink.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

You see a great opportunity to improve your online home business. It involves changing your direction, but it might give you a fresh perspective on your business and make you a lot more money – and it won’t cost you much. What’s the worst thing that could happen?  It doesn’t work and you go back to where you were. Nothing much lost – but you don’t make the decision. You wait a few days and when you do finally decide, it’s too late.  The chance has been accepted by somebody else who goes on to great success.

In each of these cases all you had to do was make a decision rather than do nothing: do nothing and you get nothing, and that’s exactly what happened. You were afraid of failure, when that failure would have meant nothing. Your friend married a beautiful young woman who turned out to be a lonely high-earning fashion model, and the other guy became an internet millionaire.

The Important Decisions are Voluntary

You make all these decisions as part of your daily life, yet when the important decisions come along you remain inactive. Naturally, that is because with those others you had to make the decision:  you had to decide what to wear and what to eat, but you didn’t have to decide to make the important decisions – that’s one reason why they are important, because they are voluntary.

To be able to make a voluntary decision that involves thought and judgment, you should get into the habit of following a procedure:

1. Set your Goals

Set your goals, and make your decision based upon these goals. You can have longer term goals, such as how much money you want to make from your business this year, or shorter term goals – some very short, such as I would like to date that young woman.

2. Analyze the Options

To analyze your options when decision making, you need information. For example, in your business you have to know how much you are liable to make each month as things stand now, and decide if that will be sufficient for your annual goal. If not, then come up with some options on how to improve your income on an ongoing basis. With the girl, or young man if you are a woman, your options are the method of approach.

3.  Consider the Potential Outcomes

Before coming to a decision, you should first consider the possible outcomes. Can you lose money if you invest in improving your business? Does the risk warrant the benefits? Have you an exit strategy or alternative approach if things go wrong? If she says no, can I change my approach? Should I talk to her first before asking her anything?

4.  Make the Decision

Make your decision based upon the facts as outlined above.  You likely have more factors to consider, but the above plan is basically how to go about making the decision. You may decide to invest more money in software or in advertising, because the likely benefits will increase your profit. You may decide to ask her if anybody is using the chair beside her, and can you sit down, or you may ask her if she wants a drink.

5.  Act on Your Decision

Carry it out. Make your investment and ask her if you can buy her a drink – or him as the case may be. You might make enough this year to reach your goal and she might accept your offer. On the other hand, you might not make enough, but wouldn’t have lost too much, and she might refuse so you are no worse off than before. Mostly, people are successful when they make such decisions. Those afraid to make a decision always fail.

… without saying to yourself these two sad words: “what if. . .”

The point is that you made a decision and acted on it, so you can go home at the end of the day with no regrets and without saying to yourself these two sad words: “what if. . .”
Brian Verigin, Online Success Coach. If you connect with successful, motivated people they will only reinforce your belief in yourself and can do nothing but improve your drive and determination for success. YahSuccess, let me work with you, make a DECISION.

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