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Melaleuca And MLM Simple Comparison Facts

Typical Mutilevel Marketing Companies
MLMs often require or encourage “business builders” to “invest” in substantial amounts of inventory each month to qualify for bonuses With Melaleuca there is no “investment.” Melaleuca’s customers purchase only what they will use up on a monthly basis. Since customers purchase directly from the factory, Marketing Executives need to purchase absolutely no inventory. Therefore, this creates absolutely no risk of financial loss for Marketing Executives.
MLMs often sell products no one really uses … like cases of magical fruit juice, magnets or green algae … causing increase strains on family budgets. Melaleuca markets products already used in households on a daily basis … except that Melaleuca’s products are higher quality, more effective and often safer to use than grocery store or drugstore brands. This means it doesn’t cost anything more to be a Melaleuca customer than it does to shop at a grocery store. Many of Melaleuca’s products are one of a kind. That is to say they far exceed the quality of what people are already buying every day.
MLMs often back up phenomenal product claims with folklore and testimonials rather than science and laboratory studies. Melaleuca’s products and product claims are backed by science, with scientific studies comparing Melaleuca’s brands with its competitors. Melaleuca’s policy is to make no product claim that are not backed up by legitimate science and research.
MLM’s often require their distributors to resell products to their customers. Melaleuca does not require any of its products to be resold to someone else, In fact, policy prohibits reselling. Everyone purchases directly from the company.
MLMs usually charge server times what the product is actually worth, such as $40 for a bottle of juice that would would pay less than $5 for at the store. Melaleuca offers “exceptional products at reasonable prices.” That means that Melaleuca’s products are competitively priced with grocery store brands on a per use basis, even though they are usually substantially higher quality than those brands.
MLM distributors usually tout big checks to entice others to get involved. Rarely will a multilevel marketing company reveal what its distributors actually make. Most multilevel marketing companies will also never reveal their actual annual sales. Every year, Melaleuca publishes how much all Marketing Executives make at which status, complete with the high, the low, and the average in each status. We’ve been doing it for years. Such a policy would easily expose most MLM companies.
MLMs almost always tout a “ground floor opportunity” to potential business builders, implying major advantages if you hurry and get in on the “ground floor.” Rather than deteriorating over time, a viable business opportunity gets better every year. As products improve through more scientific discoveries each year, it gets easier and easier to outdistance the competition. And as sales aids improve and the company’s reputation grows, it gets easier for Marketing Executives to build a substantial business faster that those who joined Melaleuca the year before.
MLMs often operate in “volume line” that a distributor can use to call the company before midnight on the last day of the month to determine how close the distributor is to reaching a particular “volume” qualification. The distributor can then purchase the difference to qualify for specific bonus or discounts. Thin incentivizes a distributor to make an even greater “investment” in inventory. Melaleuca has no volume line. At Melaleuca, customers buy only what they need each month. There is absolutely no incentive and no requirement for Marketing Executives to make large purchases at the end of the month to qualify for some volume level.
The attrition rate of customers and distributors is extremely high in most multilevel companies. The retention rate of Melaleuca customers is extremely high. Ninety-six percent of all customers who ordered last month will order again next month.
Many MLMs suggest that distributors quit their full-time jobs and work full-time in their multilevel business. MLM companies also often suggest that people “fake it till they make it” by appearing to be wealthy by driving fancy cars; purchasing expensive homes; buying motor homes, boats and motorcycles; and by weary fur coats, diamond rings and expensive jewelry. This activity has driven thousands of mulitilevel marking distributors into bankruptcy, destroyed lives and even broke homes … all while give a distorted impression of the company’s actual success. Melaleuca advocates that Marketing Executives keep their full-time job, become the best employee that they can be for their current employer and use their Melaleuca income to add to their full-time income. Melaleuca counsels Marketing Executives to not consider leaving their full-time job until they are making several times their salary with their Melaleuca business. Melaleuca also advocates for them to stay out of debt, pay off their homes and cars and live within their means.
Most MLMs do not have product return policies unless the distributor cancels their distributorship. Only then will a typical multilevel marketing company honor the Direct Selling Association’s code of ethics, which requires such companies to purchase back 90% of a distributor’s resalable products. Melaleuca gives an absolute, no questions asked, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Melaleuca will give your money back even if you have used up all of a product and decided you didn’t like it after you used it. Grocery stores don’t offer such a guarantee. Drugstores don’t offer such a guarantee. And MLM companies certainly don’t offer such a guarantee.


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