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Mistakes That Rookies Make on Facebook, Internet Marketing

Mistakes That Rookies Make on Facebook

Rookies make many mistakes when they use Facebook as marketing tool, many of these being related to a misunderstanding of the nature of social networking. “Facebook is great,” so all you need do is register and it drives loads of traffic your way.  True, yes?  Absolutely not!

The vast majority of Facebook users use the site to communicate with friends and, to a lesser extent, with relatives. Nevertheless, it is still possible to use a social website to promote your websites, your services and your products – but only if you understand the nature of the site and how to utilize it to your advantage. Here are the more common mistakes, and how to avoid them:

If others appear to be using a social site to their advantage and you are not, then do your best to analyze the position and establish where you are losing out and why.

A.  Failing to Understand Facebook

Many people make the bad mistake of failing to understand Facebook and appreciate what the entire package can offer them.  Before you use any social networking site you should make certain that you understand how it works and how it can benefit you. If you find that you are not benefiting, then it is important that you understand why. If others appear to be using a social site to their advantage and you are not, then do your best to analyze the position and establish where you are losing out and why.

B.  Incorrect Use of a Fan Page

A Facebook fan page, or fanpage, offers you the chance to use the site to its maximum potential. You can create a page by scrolling down to the bottom of your Facebook page and click on ‘Create a Page’. Then go with the flow, and make sure you are generating a fan page rather than a report or team. By setting up a proper Fan Page you have access to a fabulous set of tools that will help you to promote your business.

C.  Restricting Visitors’ Input

If you do not allow visitors to your Facebook page to offer feedback or their own comments, then you are discarding a great deal of the potential that the social medium has to offer. You must enable posts, so that anybody visiting your Facebook page is able to make their comments. You should also include MP3 files and video:  it’s amazing how many people that use YouTube will fail to provide video on their Facebook fan page.

D.  Failing to Post Regularly

If you have a blog you would never dream of going a few days without making a post, so why do it on Facebook?  Many people fail to make the best use of Facebook by neglecting it, and treating it more as a website than a blog. It is of critical importance that you remain active on your Facebook pages every day – connect your blog and websites to your Facebook Fan Page, and vice versa, and keep active on all of them to generate a vibrant online presence using a number of different tools designed to attract traffic in their own unique way.

With a bit of imagination, you could take this even further by using Squidoo lenses, Scribd pages and forums to create an interconnected web of pages that can be constructively interlinked to provide you with your own small online empire. Each individual component would have less of an effect on your potential success than would otherwise be the case.

How to Use Facebook to Your Advantage

You can create a video using a simple webcam, and then offer that on your Facebook page to promote your product or service. You can also create audio files, and use your Facebook Fan Page as an instructional page that educates your prospects on specific aspects of your niche. By failing to utilize a Facebook Fanpage correctly to your advantage, you are enabling your competition to jump ahead of you.

Your Facebook Fan Page should be devoted to one problem, and how that problem can be resolved. The problem can be related to a specific niche, task or product.  For example:

i.   A fanpage devoted to a wide niche, such as global warming or using renewable energy sources to provide power to your home.

ii.  A fanpage created to offer information and input from ‘fans’ or readers on a specific topic:  cooking pastries, bass fishing or breeding chinchillas.

iii. A fanpage that teaches others about golf balls, bass fishing rods or even choosing the most suitable golf clubs.

Yes, there are many mistakes that rookies make on Facebook, but there is also a great deal of good and benefit that Facebook offers to those new to the internet and internet marketing. We all have to learn, and if you feel that you are doing your best when traveling this road, then you are doing nothing wrong. Avoid as many mistakes as you can, but do not despair when you make them – the more you make the more you are learning how to use Facebook to your advantage.
Brian Verigin, YahSuccess. Social media is just starting and using it to your advantage for business purposes is quite simple. Let me show you how … You Can Do It.

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