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Monavie Review: Is MonaVie Network Marketing Worth Joining?

PartnerWithBV Click HereMonaVie is fundamentally a supplement of acai juice combined with a number of other fruit juices that both add to the flavor, and supplement or complement the health benefits of acai. The benefits of the acai berry have been sung wide and far, although that is not the attraction of the MonaVie networking marketing program to you – that attraction is the income you can make from it.

In this MonaVie review we shall first have a look at the founders of the business, since this is a very important aspect of any MLM program, and then discuss the products and compensation plan – two other very important aspects of a good network marketing program.

MonaVie Founders

MonaVie is run by Monarch Health Services, based in Salt Lake City, run by Dallin Anderson, CEO and founder, who set the company up in 2005. The products have featured on TV shows such as Fox TV, The Today Show and The Doctors, and Monarch Health itself is highly respected.  Dallin Larsen is an experienced businessman with the ability and integrity to offer a good MLM program that you should feel safe in joining.

Update: Jeunesse aquired MonaVie, after Dallin Anderson and Dallin Larsen left, in March of 2015. Dallin Larsen then moved on as the Founder and CEO of Vasayo.

The company is still thriving after 6 years in business, and there has been no fall-off in demand for the product.  On the contrary, demand is increasing as the healthful properties of acai berry become increasingly known and accepted by the scientific community. This is a safe MLM opportunity. Had it not been it would not have lasted for 6 years, and many people with other network marketing programs have jumped ship and moved to MonaVie – some taking their entire downline with them.

MonaVie Review:  The Products

MonaVie offers a series of juice extracts revolving round acai berry extract with a selection of other fruits added to it. Each claims to improve your health and vitality, and contains a wide range of phytochemicals with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties among many others.

Vemma vs MonaVie Comparison

Ingredients include minerals, vitamins, amino acids and a range of flavonoids and other antioxidant phytochemicals that are combined to form an extremely health-promoting drink that is in great demand.  One of the prerequisites of any viable network marketing opportunity is that there must be a demand for the products, and MonaVie ticks all the boxes in that department.

Some of the claims made are based upon anecdotal evidence, or popular use and hearsay, but these claims conform to the known properties of the phytochemicals (plant chemicals) known to be contained in the products. It is very common for traditional medical and remedial uses of natural remedies to be proved later by modern science, and although some claims may not have been proven beyond doubt by modern testing methods, it is likely just a matter of time before this has been done.

The health properties of acai berry are not significantly disputed by the scientific community, and it is generally believed to promote good cardiovascular health, help prevent strokes caused by narrowing arteries and also help to reduce the pain of both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Another attractive sales pitch you can use with MonaVie is that it helps your skin to look younger as you age.

MonaVie Review:  The MonaVie Compensation Plan

The MonaVie compensation plan is a binary program, offering 50% of the sales price back to members.  You must, however, make sure you have a good downline because a large part of that income goes to your upline. Bad in one way, but good in another – it shows that you will profit all the more as you build a string active downline.

You can also sell the product, either online or offline, and you can recruit members online automatically through website links. You have no need for face to face recruitment with MonaVie, and the more people you recruit the more money you are liable to earn. It helps, then, to train your recruits to sell and also recruit themselves. In fact, some members of the MonaVie MLM program hold regular training sessions with their downline. That’s one way to improve you own income. Do that with a strong downline, and this ranks among the best of the network marketing programs online.

MonaVie Review:  Summary

MonaVie offers excellent products in the very popular field of health products, particularly health products that help prevent cardiovascular problems and also keep you looking younger for longer, even if you live in hot climates with strong UV sunlight. It also has strong management that appreciates the importance of providing their network marketing teams with good compensation for their sales efforts.

The product sells well online, so involves little offline work if you want to avoid home parties and knocking on doors. Your downline is easy to build online using autoresponders on your website or blog.  It is critical to have your own website or blog. The conclusion of this MonaVie review is that you will go a long way to find a better opportunity right now, while the acai berry craze has not yet reached its peak.

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