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People’s Network With The Internet of Things, Crypto Mining

News is headlined by disruptive technologies, that are rapidly transforming the world. Terms like blockchain, cryptocurrency mining, Internet of Things (IOT) and digital transformation dominate the financial and technology landscape. There are also less pleasant things like covid, tariffs, supply chain crisis, rising cost of fuel and social unrest. There no denying the world is a vastly different place than just a couple of years ago.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things (IOT)Innovation and crisis often spur disruption and unique opportunity. We see it with the exponential growth of the Internet of Things (IOT), the connection of internet devices. Items like automobiles, health monitoring devices, package tracking, scooters and even simple security devices. IOT access from traditional devices like cell phone companies is just too expensive.

People have the opportunity to get in and be involved. The opportunity to become part of the solution is with iHub Global. A small device at home is part of this new distributive infrastructure. While people and things use are grid, iHub Hotspots enable you to become a provider for this new decentralized network.

IHub HotspotA Cryptowallet is available when the hotspot is plugged in. When the device is active it starts to earn Helium Crypto (HNT), which can be converted into cash through the cryptowallet. The best bet is to keep it in HNT and future growth of this cryptocurrency will increase the value of the investment.

People’s Network

People help build the People’s Network to positively change the entire world. The People’s Network represents a paradigm shift for a decentralized wireless infrastructure. View the live Helium Network Coverage Here. The network the architecture for the Internet of Things but it is also solving problems that real people face.

Through the iHub marketplace, telehealth can be utilized, a timely solution for healthcare including mental health. At this time, many healthcare practicing already mandate telehealth. Using the IOT technology is offering cutting edge healthcare solutions with monitoring devices. Also offered are a cost effective way for people to travel and financial services. This is just getting started and the opportunity is on the brink of explosion.

People can be a part of initiating a positive revolution … people who see the opportunity. Most of us are sick a tired of a model pioneered in the 1960’s. One mission is to forward embrace the desire for more balanced lives by enabling them to be part of the connective tissue of this new world paradigm shift. In this model, there are no cell towers, server farms or social networks. Plug into the iHub community and position yourself at the hub of a global digital transformation.

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