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Recommended Budget Music Player AGPTEK AO2S | Why Pay More?


If you are looking for a music player and do not want to spend a fortune, I have an option. I purchased this a few months ago not really knowing how well it would work. I was skeptical based on the price (around $30) but I was extremely surprised how well it performed. Click For Direct Order ==>> AGPTEK AO2S.
AGPTEK Music Player For Around $30

It just kicks out the tunes.

I did not want to spend a huge amount of money as I only use it for listening to tunes when I workout. I basically just wanted to crank out random music with a high volume. This keeps me fired up during my workout. I did not want to carry around my cell phone because of the size. This unit is extremely small in size (1.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches high) and only weighs about 1 ounce. It just kicks out the tunes.

I have all kinds of random format music from the 70’s and 80’s. I load them all on the 128 GB SD card (must purchase separately see below), slip in the card and select random play. It supports the formats of MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, APE, FLAC, AAC-LC and ACELP. I have loaded 2400 songs but the specs say it has a capacity of 4000 songs. This of course would depend on the format and the size of the files. Many of my files are somewhat larger than the average song size.

128GB Memory Options

The recommended SD Card to limit compatibility problems is either the Kingston or AGPTEK card. I tried searching on Amazon for the AGPTEK card and could not find one. There are Kingston ones available but really I do not think it matters. I used a Samsung card, because I had it sitting around, and it worked just fine. Whatever option you pick this should be under $20.

Kingston Options On Amazon ==>> 128GB Kingston MicroSD
Samsung Options On Amazon ==>> 128GB Samsung MicroSD

You can get the AGPTEK AO2S music player and the SD card for under $50. It is lightweight, holds 2000 plus songs and extremely compact. I highly recommend this budget player. The quality of the sound is not as good as say an $800 unit but it is incredibly functional for my workouts. Incredible value for under $50.

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