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Set Yourself Up For Financial Success, 10 Best Practices

Spend less than you earn. This one, simple practice will save you a word of trouble.
9Use your bank’s auto-pay system. Setting your recurring bills on auto-pay helps ensure you’ll never miss a payment.
8Limit others’ access to your money. Beyond creating strong passwords, make sure you maintain control by sending payments rather than allowing others to draft your account.
7Read the fine print. Don’t sign any financial documents until you understand exactly what you’re agreeing to.
6Keep college loans under control. Don’t spend more on higher eduction than you’ll earn in the first year.
5Protect yourself and your family. Cover the basics with life, health, home and auto insurance.
4Pay down debt. It really doessn’t matter if it’s good or bad debt. Simplify life by getting rid of any debt that’s hanging over your head.
3Educate yourself. Protect against scams by arming yourself with information form multiple, independent sources.
2Practice giving. Sharing your wealth with others fosters an attitude of abundance that permeates your entire life.
1Pay yourself first. Every time you earn money, set aside a pre-determined percentage for both long and short term savings.

Source: Success From Home Magazine, Volume 8 – Issue 8

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