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Should You Pay Someone to Join Your MLM Program?

Should You Pay Someone to Join Your MLM?

PartnerWithBV Click HereYou should not always pay someone to join your MLM program for reasons that shall shortly become apparent. It might sometimes appear obvious to do so, particularly if a prospect or even a friend is desperate to join but hasn’t the means to buy themselves in just yet. Many people involved in MLM network marketing will come across this situation from time to time, so what should they do?

One obvious situation is if you receive bonuses for signing up a certain number of members, and you only have one or two to go to receive a free holiday or wide-screen TV set, then it would be stupid not to pay their fees to achieve that. In other words, if you gain more value from paying someone to join your MLM program that it costs you, then it makes sense to go ahead and do so.

However, what if somebody claiming to be experienced in MLM marketing asks you to pay his way in on the basis that that he will be your top recruiting agent, and will help you build a massive downline and profitable network? The point here is how do you know he or she will become your top recruiter, and how do they know they will be of benefit to you and not just to themselves?

Surely if they were keen they would be able to find the money to pay their own registration, particularly if they claim to be top recruiters. They should have made enough money in other network marketing programs to pay their way into yours! What is more likely is that that they are not being truthful and that they will drop out in couple of weeks losing you your money. Here’s why:

1. Lack of Commitment

People that really want to make it online in network marketing will be committed to the program, and will not want to be beholden to others for them being part of it. If somebody was really interested in your MLM program then they would find the money somehow. Most people can find money when they have to.

Most people can find money when they have to.

They could hold a yard or garage sale, or find some other way of raising the money they need. Most people can raise money if they have a pressing need to, and if they were as committed to any form of internet marketing, they would find a way to raise enough cash to join.

2.  Lack of Motivation

Since they have not committed their own money, they have no motivation to succeed other than ambition. However, most will agree that investing your own cash into a MLM program is more of a motivation to work hard and do well than just wanting to make money. If you have invested your own hard earned cash into a program, you are more likely to succeed than if you had not. Pay someone to join your MLM program and you will be motivated to make them succeed, but they may not be motivated themselves.

3.  Lack of Incentive

There is a fine distinction between motivation and incentive, and if you pay someone to join your MLM then they will not have the financial incentive to succeed (getting their money back.)  It’s your money not theirs, and combined with item 4 below, they will be less likely to succeed than a prospect whose own money is at risk. Sure, they will have the same bonus incentives as you will have, but because you paid them in they will lack the incentive of not losing their cash. If they fail, they lose nothing – just your money.

4. Lack of Gratitude

Many people will not appreciate the fact that you gave them financial help to join your downline.  They will be more likely to believe that you are doing so for your own benefit.  They may take the view that you are only paying their MLM fee so that you can benefit from them being in your team.  Therefore, why should they feel thankful to you? You are doing this with your own potential profit in mind!

They will conveniently forget that they asked for your help, but will feel that they are doing you a favor.  You did not pay them into your network marketing program to make them grateful, of course, but you would likely feel that they should at least try just as hard to succeed as if they had paid their own entry fee.  In general it tends not to work that way, and in some respects people you fund may come to resent you for doing so. They will explain that resentment to themselves by coming to believe that you helped them only for your own personal gain.

5.  Lack of Challenge

If you make it easy for somebody to enter any form of online marketing, including MLM network marketing, then they have no challenge and will frequently fail. They have nothing to lose, and people with nothing to lose do not focus the same as those that do. If you have not paid forward into something, you won’t worry too much about getting nothing back.

People need a challenge to motivate them to succeed.

People need a challenge to motivate them to succeed, but there must be some payback should they fail to succeed: if they don’t pay to start, then they have no definable challenge. This in turn leads to failure:  you are therefore doing nobody any favors when you pay someone to join your MLM program.

The Only Time to Pay Someone to Join Your MLM

The only time you should pay somebody to join your MLM is as stated at the beginning: if you benefit from it immediately such as paying the one more recruit needed for your bonus. You are advised never to pay somebody in for any other reason, although it can get hard if it is a family member asking. Then it is your choice, and you might be able to figure out some way of smoothing troubled waters irrespective of the decision you make.

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