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Success or Failure, You Make the Decision, Shape Your Future

PartnerWithBV Click HereWhat is going to get the best of you? Is it success or failure? I know you have heard this before, but the truth is all successful people have failed, before they came about their success. I do not like to use the term failure, I consider it an educational experience. It is better to have attempted to do something rather than have not tried and waited for something to happen.

Wake up to reality, things do not happen by themselves. I used to think successful people were lucky, but have come to realize we make our own luck. Quit the whining and quit relying on luck to shape your future. You have to take action in order to make things happen.

Sometimes the action will not turn out the way you wanted, but just consider it another path in the road. Step up to the plate again, take a big swing and a home run will happen. Try another path and eventually you will hit on what you were intended to do. All along the way you are educating yourself and becoming a better person.

Along the journey, be sure to stay positive, have some fun and enjoy what you are doing. Complaining about the way things are not going will get you nowhere. Crying the blues about what could have been, will only lead to destruction. Learn from experiences, but always look to the future.

Filter out the negative and thrive on the positive.

Put yourself in positive situations and stay away from negative ones. This includes situations and people. Take today and just listen to what people have to say. Listen to the news. How much of what you hear is negative? Be honest, I would bet there is a great deal of negativity. Nobody is perfect, but if you listen to the negative all the time, you will become more negative. Stop the negativity right now and take the positive track. Filter out the negative and thrive on the positive.

If this means changing who you hang around with, then do it. If this means watching less of the news, then do it. Yes, listen to some positive people. Put yourself around positive people. I will tell you, it is contagious and will lead you to believe in yourself even more.

Your chance of success is greatly increased if you remain positive. We all have bumps in the road, but the ones who move ahead are the ones who survive and live life to the fullest. When you are positive, you will find good people and prosperous situations will migrate towards you. A great example is a movie I just recently watched, Seabiscuit (2003). What a great example of looking to the future.

Move ahead, take action, make things happen and shape your future.

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