What is an Opt In Form?

Good question. What is an optin in form? If you are involved in internet marketing in any way, you will know how difficult it is to get traffic to your website. As an increasing number of people look to the internet as a means of making money, competition increases and it becomes correspondingly more difficult to get website traffic.

Statistics indicate that it takes from 6-8 exposures to a product or advertisement before a consumer makes a purchasing decision.

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What is an Email Autoresponder?

What is an Email Autoresponder?

Click Here Get ResponseOne question I am frequently asked is ‘What is an email autoresponder?’ You might not appreciate this if you are just starting to use the internet to sell your products, but an autoresponder is one of the core software applications of your entire online business.  It will save you more time than practically any other software package you will ever use. Read the rest of this entry