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 I am sitting here this morning … sipping coffee … and just started to think a bit … I talk to many people on the phone during the day and there is a common theme that seems to arise in most of the conversations … (1) not enough money (2) want to feel better. Oh babee two tough ones. Many shift the blame (government, unlucky, it rained today, no jobs, I have a sore leg, I am getting old, yatta … yatta … yatta) … The bottom line is CHANGE … you got where you are at because of what YOU did or what you are not doing! No one else did it to you … you did it to yourself. Now I do understand we are nailed with unforeseen circumstances, out of our control … it is you that has to figure out how you are going to react to these unforeseen situations … positive or negative … QUESTION … Could you have done something a different way, to stop the unforeseen circumstance … before it nailed you? If the answer is yes, then it is probably not an unforeseen circumstance. Long story short if you want to change YOU need to change and the key is deep down change, not superficial stuff. Be strong, prepare your mind for the true “unforeseen circumstances” and don’t be afraid to make a CHANGE. ~bv

Change is Difficult

PartnerWithBV Click HereTo change your daily routine it is very difficult. The reason is because it is stressful, uncomfortable and causes you to sweat just a little bit. This is a good thing because it keep us thinking. You have to remember that your body is only as good as your mind thinks it is. Read the rest of this entry