Block Out The Noise Or Negativity

 Noise – Block It Out

Every single day we are faced with the negative environment, negative people, negative news and people bitching about everything. I call this noise. We have to learn how to filter out the noise and take in only the positive.

I have developed an allergy to negative people and it has gotten to a point where I have lost so called friends. That is okay because the world is too good of place to be drained by negativity.
Brian Verigin, YahSuccess

Is this something you really want to do is impede your success? I would say many of us do not even know this is happening and do need an eye opener. How many times a day do you hear the phrase, “I can’t.” If this is said by yourself or anyone else it just impedes your opportunity for success. I would even say the person who says it, is setting themselves up for failure. Read the rest of this entry