Passion Will Lead To Success

Be passionate about what you do. If you believe … be passionate and get started today. YOUR passion will lead to success. ~Brian Verigin

What Is Passion?

Passion is a strong liking, desire or devotion to some activity, object or concept. Passion is a very powerful word and comes from within … it comes from inside of you. It’s a burning desire to want to be able to do something at near all costs.

You must walk the fine line to push yourself to the edge … push yourself to what you really believe in. When one is passionate about something others will look at you and may think that you are “Whacked” or an “Oddball.”

Passionate People Know Something That Others Do Not

Keep yourself on track and if you believe in something you go after it with the best of your abilities … go after it with passion. You know and feel something the other person the other person does not have. There is no way another person can get inside of your head and know what you know. Passion is very powerful and to be successful you must believe in what you are doing and be passionate about it.

Passion is the desire that comes from within and it is very difficult to explain unless you have experienced it before. I my view if I am going to put time and effort into a project I will not do it half-assed … I will totally put my time an effort into it … with the full passion and desire.

Be Passionate … Be Sure YOU Are Having Fun

Make your passion something you enjoy. In most cases this will happen because they go hand in hand. Quit wasting your time and efforts on meaningless projects. Now, I understand we all have meaningless “things” we must do every day … we have things to do that we do not like but if you are going to make a decision to take on a project that you have a choice on … Go after it with passion. If you are not passionate … success will not be the end result.

If there is something you believe in … go for it … be passionate. Remember tomorrow does not come … get started on it today. Quit making excuses and get on your PASSION ON today.

My current passion is helping people with their health challenges using prevention. I have been involved in a number of companies and my current project, which I am passionate about is Mela.

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Reach For The Stars And Make Your Dreams Come True

Reach For Your Dreams ... With No Action The Status Quo Will RemainThere is a consistent theme with successful people that always comes to the surface. We are always looking for the “secret” formula for success. I have come to the conclusion there is really no secret to success. It is all within ourselves and where we perceive we can go. The sky is the limit and it is the ones who find it within themselves to passionately want to reach their dreams … get what they want.

If you are interested in making a change in your financial situation, possible start a home business then I may just have an opportunity for you. Click Here to Learn More. I will not guarantee success but what I will guarantee is that I will help give you the tools to be successful.

Handouts are not an option. Hard work is a must. We should not expect a pat on the back every time we “think” we do something well. Although, positive feedback does wonders for the ego. Give positive feedback to ones around you and you will be rewarded – don’t expect it, don’t ask for it … just let it happen by itself. It will happen.

Be a leader, reach up and grasp your DREAMS!

The Extraordinary Power of Action: Success

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Action Will Lead To Success

PartnerWithBV Click HereThere is no doubt that the power of action is success. Zig Ziglar once wrote: “The major difference between the big shot and the little shot is the big shot is just a little shot who kept on shooting.” Keep active and things happen, stop and they don’t.

“Action makes things happen, inaction lets things happen” ~Brian Verigin

There is no truer statement than: “Action makes things happen, inaction lets things happen” ~Brian Verigin – which do you want to be, the one that makes thing happen or will you just wait until things happen around you? The power of action cannot be overemphasized, and the worst thing you can do if you want to succeed online is nothing. Read the rest of this entry

Is this something you really want to do is impede your success? I would say many of us do not even know this is happening and do need an eye opener. How many times a day do you hear the phrase, “I can’t.” If this is said by yourself or anyone else it just impedes your opportunity for success. I would even say the person who says it, is setting themselves up for failure. Read the rest of this entry

PartnerWithBV Click HereI have often wondered why some people are successful and others are not. Patience is a key ingredient of success. Being patient does not mean standing back and waiting for things to happen by themselves. Being patient is analyzing the situation and making an educated decision on what move to make next.

Do not make an abrupt decision. Read the rest of this entry

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