PartnerWithBV Click HereKnowing how to make a blog will make it possible for you to earn money blogging without many of the problems involved in running a regular website. There are several content management systems (CMS) that you can use to design and create your own blog, although most people opt for Blogger or WordPress. Read the rest of this entry

PartnerWithBV Click HereWhat is Blogging: A Beginners Guide to Blogging for Profit

What is blogging in comparison to a regular website? In fact, can you blog without a website, or is the one necessary to do the other? Where do you learn how to start blogging for profit to make money online? To answer all these questions you must first have a registered domain name and web hosting account before you can set up your blog, and you can then either run it from a regular type of website or use the blog itself as your website. Read the rest of this entry

PartnerWithBV Click HereHere are some ‘How To’ blogging tips that should help you make the best use of your blog, particularly if you are trying to make money blogging. Many people know the basics of blogging, yet knowing these doesn’t mean you should make the basic blogging errors.

Here are nine ‘How To’ blogging tips on how to avoid basic mistakes that could cost you dear. Read the rest of this entry