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Two Free Killer Training and Presentation Tools

Two Free Killer Training and Presentation Tools – Skype & Teamviewer

PartnerWithBV Click HereOK, you have signed up for your internet business or MLM … Now, how do you connect with your new prospects to show them what you have to offer. More so … how do you train your new members?

A couple of free tools I use that are incredible. One I know you have heard of is Skype. The other you may or may not heard of is Teamviewer.


Just to explain a bit. Skype is a way to video or talk to people all over the world. You can connect with family and friends. I use it mainly for my internet business, for the ones who are serious about learning and ones I talk to a great deal. You can see when they are online, chat is available and best of all video and/or voice contact (VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol).

Okay, enough with the technical stuff. It works and best of all it is free. Just google Skype, get a free account. The only downside to hook up with someone else is they also need skype. No big deal. The long term benefits are where it is at. Skype does have many options but do not get wrapped up in it all … Just get the account setup, remember your username (skype phone number) and get your team hooked up.


Teamviewer is a way to remotely access someone else’s computer (of course with their permission). You can do also presentations. The neat thing is both you and your prospect or member can be looking at the same screen … yours or theirs.

If you have tried to explain something to someone over the phone and not see what they see on their computer screen, you will understand how valuable this can be. This saves on time and eliminates confusion.

My buddy google … google Teamviewer and get the free account. You should not have to pay a cent. Just download to your computer, get your team member to do the same, exchange ID’s & passwords and you are in business.

You will be wondering why you were not using this all along.

Dynamic Duo – Skype and Teamviewer

I startup Skype, call my team member, exchange teamviewer ID’s & passwords and WOW! You can be talking and remotely accessing your member’s screen. There are many other benefits of this setup. You will find them as you use it.

The key is to just get started with it and you will never turn back. You will be wondering why you were not using this all along.
Brian Verigin, Internet Consultant. Making things easier and simpler will give you more time to enjoy your life. If this article was of benefit please retweet or send this post to your team member.

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