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What is Undenatured And Denatured Whey Protein

I was just exposed to undenatured protein a month back. Honestly, I thought protein was protein, my simple process taking over. Well, time to do some reading and research and this is the beauty of the internet and my friend … Google. Oh, no I do not believe everything I read on the internet. Here is my simple summary of what I found out.

Let me first off start with … I am not a scientist … I am not a doctor. I am an individual who is passionate about what I do and I care about my health. I consider myself a logical person who likes the simple as opposed to the complicated. Do I do all the right things to maintain my health? … absolutely not … but I do like to do what I can to get the edge.

There is no doubt in my mind that protein is integral in our diet. We lack the protein intake we need and if we would just take away some of the excess processed carbohydrates and replace it with protein then we will be healthier and more efficient.

Denatured Vs Undenatured Whey Protein

MelaleucaWhen whey protein is processed it typically goes through heat process which can break down the structure of the protein. Whey proteins become denatured due to exposure to extreme heat.  This high heat damages the integrity and amount of  vitamins, minerals and important compounds.

I would rather not lose vitamins and minerals and this is where undenatured comes in.

Undenatured proteins have fewer steps in the process, and do not use the high heat method they lose fewer vitamins, minerals and contain a greater amount of bioactive compounds. Bioactive compounds can help cardiovascular health.

If a whey protein is undenatured, that means it’s processed at lower temperatures so as to retain the biologically active enzymes and antibodies, which have multiple health benefits for humans. Undenatured whey protein also contains di-peptides (amino acid pairs) and tri-peptides (amino acid triples) which are “keys” that fit into specific genetic “locks” in the body to turn on protein function. When whey protein is denatured, these peptides are broken down into single amino acids and no longer work. These “keys” are essential to reaping the maximum amount of undenatured whey protein benefits.

Please do not get caught up in the technicalities above … leave that to the experts. Real simple, less processing of whey protein at a lower temperature maintains a higher quality, not confused with higher concentration, of protein.  This may have other benefits:

  • Helps the body heal and repair injured tissue
  • Boosts your immune system to help fight infection
  • May have anti-aging benefits
  • May help to increase seratonin activity, promoting restful sleep
  • May help to decrease stress
  • May help to improve mood and memory loss under stress
  • May increase your metabolism and help satisfy your appetite

Yes, obviously the better the product the cost will be more. It is a simple process to use use heat to extract the end result. What is more expensive is cold filtration. If guess it all depends on what you want. I prefer to spend a bit more and get the quality. I workout the best I can … why not get the best benefit from it but consuming a product that will give me the edge.

By the way, if I can have a benefit of an increased immune system this leaves less down time and maybe even no downtime when others may be getting sick around you. I have had the comment many times made to me, “Do you ever get sick?” I do get get sick but not to the extreme of others and in less frequency. Knock on wood.

I also read a quick test to see if your protein you are using is undenatured … mix it in water and see what happens. If it does not mix well it more than likely does not have additives and is more in the undenatured state. It has to be consumed immediately or … you will know. Also take note the more natural it is, as soon as it is exposed to oxygen it starts to lose its qualities. Actually, this is a good thing as we then know we have a good natural product. Additives preserve and also additives reduce the naturality of the product. Look at a banana or an apple when you expose to air … turning brown in this case is just sign there are no preservatives.

Back to the original gist of this article. What is better … undenatured whey protein or denatured whey protein. Better for the pocket book or better quality. Hands down undenatured is better for you but it will take a bigger bite out of you pocket book. We all have a choice but can you actually put a dollar value on your health? You will have to decide what is best for you. Do your research and due diligence.

I will cut to the chase. I have used many different protein and meal replacement products and meal replacement shakes. I will say every single product I have tried does have its unique qualities. There is no one best product. I am currently using the The Wellness Company Products.

If you would like to talk health or business please find the About Me Tab on this site.

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