Mangosteen Get It Here ... ClickThis Xango review offers an overview of the company, the product and the network marketing opportunity that goes along with it. Irrespective of how good or bad a product is, what makes an MLM program worth joining is  a combination of its income potential and its capacity to endure:  to last and make money for you over a lengthy period of time. Otherwise the work carried out to build a good downline may well be wasted.

Here are the main features of the Xango program and what it has to offer you:

Xango Review:  The Founders

The founders and management of any MLM program are important, since the future of any business depends a great deal upon how it was set up and how it is being run now. Gary Hollister set up Xango in 2002 along with Aaron Garrity, Kent Wood, Bryan Davis and Gordon and Joe Morton.

Each of these people has a sound background in marketing and running a business, and Xango has gone well under their leadership. With a million distributors, this is a popular program, and there is plenty room yet for more. The team is experienced and expects to go from strength to strength.

Xango Review:  The Product

Any good MLM program must have a sound product, mangosteen, with high sales potential. Network marketing got a bad name when a few programs had little or even no product and the wealth of the business came from entry fees. Fortunately such unsustainable MLM programs are now illegal, and Xango has a great product to offer.

Xango is a health drink based upon mangosteen, a plant that is packed full of nutrients in the form of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants and that can help prevent strokes, heart disease and cardiovascular problems in general. It contains a number of different flavonoids, polyphenols and xanthones, all of which have a sound scientific base behind their health benefits. Vemma is a competitor of Xango and also contains mangosteen as the primary ingredient.

The drink itself is pureed mangosteen with varieties based upon several other fruits being added to the puree, each offering its own specific benefit to complement those of the mangosteen itself.  The product is an ideal one to form the basis of a network marketing program because it is good for your health, helps your skin stay looking younger, protects against heart disease and helps reduce the swelling and pain of arthritis, and is a very popular supplement.

It sells – and that is the main benefit of Xango. Some products offer many of the above benefits but don’t sell – Xango sells and sells well, so you should have few problems in promoting it and making money from the program simply through direct sales. How much you make depends upon how well you use the marketing structure and take advantage of the compensation plan which are both discussed next.

The Xango Compensation Plan

Xango pays you up to nine levels down. Some pay more and some less, but nine is good, and is sufficient incentive for you to build up a good downline. Not only that, but with nine levels down, there is plenty incentive for you to also train your downline in how to build their own downlines, and also train them in how train their own downlines. Your objective is to help your recruits to build as many levels down from you as possible, each with as many representatives as possible that are selling the product.

Like any MLM program, nobody makes money unless product is sold.  There is little to be gained if everybody builds downlines and hopes that the next guy is actually going to sell the product! So teach them how to recruit and how to promote and sell Xango – that’s what it’s all about! Xango helps by providing you with plenty promotional material and advertising support. The product is advertised all over the internet and offline, so all you need do is to make sure they buy it from you.

You get paid for your own sales, for those of your downline and if you qualify for the quarterly bonus pool you get you share of a global pool of cash. Powerstart enables you to earn 30% of the first order of your personal recruits, and 15% of their recruits’ first orders. Since Xango sells so well, you should be able to make a nice regular income, increasing each month as you increase your downlines.

Xango can be promoted either online from your website or blog, or you can also sell offline to friends and family.  The ‘Magic Wand’ is a video you can buy that has an amazingly high conversion rate from those that watch it, and there is plenty more marketing support from the company.

Xango Review:  Summary

Xango appears to be an excellent network marketing opportunity for anybody wanting to make money online with minimum outlay. The company is sound and growing, the product is excellent with rapidly increasing sales and the backing you get to make the best of a good compensation plan is also first class.

The conclusion of this Xango review is that whether you are an experienced multi-level marketer or if you are trying it now for the first time, Xango is an excellent choice and offers a great opportunity to build your own home business selling a great product.

There are no doubts that Xango ticks the boxes for a good networking marketing program, and there are no reasons why you should not at least try it if you are seeking a good and enjoyable way of making money from home.

Brian Verigin
YahSuccess – Lead Generation
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