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Take It To The Next Level And Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Take It To The Next Level … Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We all maintain busy lives and we tend to feel comfortable with the same routine. Stepping out of your comfort zone is very difficult but it is mandatory if you want to move ahead and take it to the next level.

Insanity – Same Thing Over And Over

Get Out Of Your Comfort ZoneBryan sees people in the gym doing the same thing over and over, every single day. On the same machines every day and wondering why they are not getting any results. The definition of this is insanity. This causes boredom and the term phrased as, “Running into a brick wall.”

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you are of the mindset that you want to improve yourself through a fitness journey or maybe you want to lose weight. If you are not getting results … are you doing the same thing over and over again and not getting results? Bryan pressed people to take the next step and get out of your comfort zone. This change will get you results … Yes, it is very challenging to be uncomfortable but if you want results you have to push yourself to get there.

The most difficult step to take is walking through the gym door for the first time …

This Is About Life Not Just Your Fitness Journey

We should all strive to do something different everyday … take on new challenges. It may be from playing a music instrument or learning to be more social. It does not really matter because this triggers the brain to be more active. Get out of the comfort zone will cause anxiety but this kind of anxiety will improve your self esteem and take you to the next level. This will cause you to get out of a rut and out of your shell.

Stepping out of you comfort zone will build who you are and build character.

Health and Wellness Series presented by Brian Verigin (bv), Bode Pro Influencer. Special guest today is Bryan Price, Certified Personal Trainer. Bryan is on FaceBook (Marquette, MI) and his contact information is found in the video presentation above. Bryan is open to question and feel free to give him a call. If you are interested in learning more please access ==>> and look for the segments on Health and Wellness.

NOTE: We are not doctors, we make no health claims and the above is just our opinion and what we have experienced for common sense health. If you are planning a change in your health practices and/or a nutrition change please consult your Physician. Remember, if you want to remain the same keep doing what you are doing … if you want to change then YOU have to make a decision to make that change.

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