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A Sure Way to Impede Your Success, Negativity, I Can’t Do It

Is this something you really want to do is impede your success? I would say many of us do not even know this is happening and do need an eye opener. How many times a day do you hear the phrase, “I can’t.” If this is said by yourself or anyone else it just impedes your opportunity for success. I would even say the person who says it, is setting themselves up for failure.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have said it myself in the past. My correction of the negative phrase has helped tremendously in my thought process. The phrase just seems to be an automated, internal response that is spit out. The question is why does it come out? It is from deep down within and goes deeper than just the surface comment.

An individual who is unsure of themselves tends to say this all the time. Take some time for the remainder of this day and just have a listen to other people. Keep a mental note of how many times the phrase comes up and where it is coming from. Link the source with the type of person it comes from. Do you want to be like that person?

PartnerWithBV Click HerePeople who hold a high self esteem have no need to be negative. They have learned it will not get you anywhere and worst of all it is contagious. It is like the plague and will eat you up, destroy you and move onto the next person. You first have to be aware that negativity is around us every single day. It is a matter of  how you deal with it that will get you ahead in life.

Successful people are not negative. What came first, the success or the positive attitude? Of course the positive attitude did. This is true because we were all put here the same way. It is how we develop ourselves and the external environment which shapes us to who we are. Having a positive outlook will lead to success.

You could inherit money but unless you maintain a can do attitude it will slowly dissipate along with your so called success.

A very simple change which can accelerate your success is stop using the phrase, “I can’t.” Be aware of others who are using the phrase and filter out the negative content. Hang around with people who have a can do attitude because this surely will motivate you. If you keep bombarding yourself with negativity you will become negative yourself.

Maintaining a positive frame of mind is not an easy thing to do but is necessary if you want to achieve success. I personally minimize what I watch on television, do not hang around negative people and get inspired by positive thought. It is like feeding a plant with the correct nutrition. The plant will keep growing, leaves will turn greener and the flowers will bloom. If you stop the feeding and watering the plant will die.

I am sure you want to bloom your success, so take the simple step of not using and associating with, “I can’t.”

Brian Verigin, I am looking for motivated people who want to earn a 6 figure income.


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