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Should You Buy Email Marketing Lists or Email Leads?

There are plenty of sources to buy email marketing lists or email leads. The choice will be up to you to do some looking around and there is always the question of, are the leads any good? You may question the source of the leads. There are many good companies who do this, but finding the right one before you make too many costly mistakes is a challenge.

I have to tell you a story of when I first started on the Internet. I signed up for a business and I ran out of friends and family to approach. Got tired of rejection and wanted to get some new blood into my opportunity. Did some looking on the web and found a person who could supply me with email lists with phone numbers. I did as much checking as I could, called the person and he seemed very sincere.

I forked out $1,000 and he even was willing to add in some extra leads. This did make me feel real good and I was ready to rock. After three weeks of emailing, calling and prospecting I did not get one upgrade. I did not know what to question the leads or my abilities to get an upgrade. I come to realize I had wasted $1,000 and the individual I purchased the list from was laughing all the way to the bank.

I learned from my mistake and to this day I still remember what happened. I had very high hopes but was disillusioned because of my excitement. All was not lost because I moved ahead and really did learn from this. Anyone can put up a web page and advertised a product. The challenge is to determine what is real and what is not. At least I got some leads out of deal for my expense. The list was not any good but I had data in front of me. Never did that again.

I later dabbled a bit in purchasing lists but was much more careful. Had some success but wanted to find a better way. Why could I not be the one who has the lists? I have found a way to PartnerWithBV Click Heregenerate my own lists and what a great feeling not to have to worry about the quality. I know they are of quality because I generated them myself. The leads are real time, not used by anyone else and have an incredible conversion rate. This is because I targeted specific people who are interested in what I am doing.

I have completely stopped buying leads and email lists. Again, I have nothing against lead and list providers. In my experience it costs a great deal of money with very little return.  Purchased lists serve a purpose in some circumstances. It is also great to be able to be searched on in Google and found in the top ten pages, on a consistent basis. People are finding my pages with natural searches. Exactly as you did with the article.

If you have had similar experiences I encourage you to stop buying email marketing lists and email leads. You can generate your own leads. The leads will keep coming in day after day on a consistent basis. You will be driving your own car instead of being in the backseat.

Brian Verigin
Lead Specialist and Web Designer

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