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Starting a Work From Home Business, Look For Character

Let’s get straight to the point on starting a work from home business. Scams galore are out there and people are just looking for a quick buck. There is a vast array of information available on what to do, how to start, what to look for and options on opportunities. So many of the sites, articles and blogs fail to mention the number one most important criteria when starting a work from home business.

The number one thing to look for is, the character of the person you are going to work with. You have to hook up with a person who can teach you what to do and how to do it. The individual has to be available and return calls and emails. Get to know who is going to be working with you.


The best way to do this is go to the site, find an email address or phone number. Initiate the contact and see how soon someone personally responds. Give them a couple of days. If the response to you is less than two business days you could potentially be hitting a jackpot. More often than not the legitimate opportunities will respond to you. If you do not get a response in 5 days, drop it and keep looking.

After contact is initiated get the the person on the phone and find out who they are and what they stand for. Dig deeper than the surface or the face of the person. Are they passionate about what they are doing? You do not have to know the business, or how to do the business. You are searching for character and commitment. This will carry a great deal of weight when you get stuck.

Also keep in mind you will also be looked at. As an example if you were to call me I definitely would look for character and how passionate you may be. My efforts are best suited with people of like character. Being positive, passionate and willing to put the time in are traits I would look for. Keep this in mind before you make contact with anyone. Success breeds success and like minded people tend to work well together.

I am not saying disregard all the facts. Character and commitment will supercede everything else, especially if you are new to starting a work from home business.

Brian Verigin
Lead Specialist and Web Designer

Brian Verigin, I am looking for motivated people who want to earn a 6 figure income.

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