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Why it is Critical To Have A Self Hosted Blog or Website

If you are serious about building internet income be it in direct sales, affiliate marketing, internet marketing or MLM, you need your own self hosted blog. I see too many people today trying to brand themselves with a replicated company website. Just to clarify, a self hosted blog and a self hosted website, for discussion here can be used interchangeably. They are really the same thing.

A personal website brands you as an expert. Potential prospects or partners want to work with expert individuals. As an example you could be signed up in an MLM, XYZ, and your link to your site or landing page could be XYZ/yourusername. This makes it a long link and dilutes you as an expert individual. It is best to have your own unique domain. Branding is very important in the eyes of potential clients.

I see many people call an affiliate website, a companies replicated website, a capture page or worst of all a blogger website their website. Building your own self hosted blog, with your own domain name will get you where you want to go in the long term.

The above mentioned non self hosted websites are not yours and can never be yours. Your own personal website can make you an income for some time, long after the MLM may be gone or an affiliate product disappears. A major problem in this industry is people fail to realize that a website,  filled with loads of value and good content can be worth thousands of dollars down the road. An internet presence is a never ending source of high targeted leads and income.

I have asked people for their websites and they show me a company or affiliate site. This will not cut it because this does not brand yourself. You may be doing work to push traffic there … guess what, you are generating traffic for their website. Plus, all the aforementioned websites don’t rank highly in search engines. Search engines like google, yahoo, and bing love self hosted websites and rank them well because they are owned by individuals and entrepreneurs.

Build Your Own Website ... click here ... Let me show you how.Benefits of Self Hosted Blog or Website:

  • Google hates replicated sites
  • You control your own on page optimization efforts
  • You brand yourself
  • You can advertise on google PPC
  • You can monetize the traffic
  • You have full control, plugins, add on, forums to create conversation
  • Simplified URL with no domain forwards
  • SEO and forwarded domains do not mix well
  • Create equity for yourself

I like to think of my self hosted blog as my real estate that I can promote the way I want. I can do modifications myself. I can test ideas and control my own content without the permission of others. I will tell you it is a great feeling when you have people coming to your blog when searching in google. You can do the same. It is even better when you get conversions into your business from natural ranking traffic.

If you are interested in self hosting a blog to generate income for your online business I can show you how to do it. You will be amazed at how uncomplicated it can be. Give yourself an opportunity to play with the big time runners in google. A self hosted blog will give you the opportunity for natural ranked, top ten google traffic.

Brian Verigin, I am looking for motivated people who want to earn a 6 figure income.

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