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Snapshot Of Personal Beliefs Brian Verigin

snapshot_personal_beliefs_brian_veriginPersonal Beliefs

  • Strong teaching, leadership and inspirational skills
  • Believe in learning daily. “If we stop learning we stop growing”
  • Always challenge myself to improve and be more efficient
  • Personal growth through real life experiences and professional development is critical
  • Listening is a critical skill required to be successful
  • You are who you associate with. Always strive to improve your close circle of friends
  • Give, perform, work and play without expecting to receive a direct benefit. Benefit will come in time
  • Respect others for who they are
  • Every single person has a skill set we can learn from
  • Many people talk a big talk but it is action that gets results
  • Make a decision, stick to it and proceed with passion
  • If you think times are tough look around you
  • Want results? … have a look in the mirror
  • Enjoy the moments when they occur … the journey is what will be remembered
  • Every day make a point to have a positive impact on some else’s life
  • Filter out the negative and strive to soak up the positive
  • Negative thoughts and actions are simply wasted energy that can be spent on more productive challenges
  • Be a leader not a follower
  • Your mind can put you on the topside of faced challenges … take care of it
  • It’s how we respond to challenge is what builds our character

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