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Solution: Lead Generation Company, Software and System ... SkypeAre you in the need for a way to grow your online business without friends and family. One solution is to obtain some other contacts or leads. The huge challenge is finding a way to do this without spending an arm and leg. You can always purchase leads from a lead generation company. This does work for a while but you may find out it can be extremely expensive for your return on investment. If you find the company that matches your needs then it may be fruitful.

Other options include purchasing lead generation software or a system to scrape the Internet and grab email address and phone numbers. This is an option, you can get data but what do you do next. How do you contact the people you have the data for? Making random phone calls is absolutely no fun and very time consuming. If you enjoy hangups and negative comments then you are a better person than most. You can gather emails from the software but the challenge is contacting them. All the major ISP’s Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail only allow you to send a limited amount of emails daily. Also, if they suspect you are sending out spam they will shut down your account immediately. Dancing around the above challenges is difficult and frustrating.

A solution is to have people come to you who are interested in your type of business. When they find you, they opt in to your list and you have your lead. Yes, this can be done and the concept is what drives the success of google. Google is a search engine. When you want to find something you google it. I do this every single day and 99 percent of the time I find an answer to my question. Let me use an example. You have an insurance, mortgage or online mlm business. You are look for some new people to approach so you go to google to look for answers. In the search bar you may type in mortgage leads, insurance leads, mlm leads, lead generation, etc.

The google top ten (10) searches pop up and you start surfing. When you start clicking on pages I would bet there is an article, or a website pitching how they have the answer to getting new prospects. A pitch will be made on why their system works and how it may work for you. There will be an opportunity for you to opt in to receive more information or to place an order. These pages appeared in the top ten (10), not by random, but based on relevance and popularity.

Now, would it not be wonderful, to be in the ten (10) in google and have people potentially going to your site or page. This can be done and this is the correct way to get prospects for your business. It is through natural searching and the people you get coming to your site are laser targeted. They are seeking you out and want to get in touch with you. No initial phone calls by you or initial emails sent by you. Your phone starts ringing and your inbox starts to get emails. You start to create an opt in list that you can legally mail to, in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act of 2003. This is all on autopilot and automated.

You can select which way you want to go or it may be a combination of a number of methods. You have to decide what you want to do and it may require some education. Learning new methods does pay off in the long run. Best of luck to you.

Brian Verigin
Lead Specialist

Get in the top ten (10) in google and get people calling you. Learn how this is done, the correct way.

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